Innovative ventilation at the Simon Sainsbury Centre

Arup’s innovative ventilation strategy not only preserved the aesthetic of the Simon Sainsbury Centre in Cambridge, but also exploited the building’s thermal mass. Arup’s Joshua…

March 2018 Ventilation

Technical due diligence in commercial property

Robust technical advice given by an M&E engineer can benefit property landlords, investors and occupants – so, asks Tuffin Ferraby Taylor’s Marc Hill, why do…

March 2018 Monitoring
CFD thermal model

Using CFD to predict flows in chilled beams

Computational Fluid Dynamics can be used to gauge flow predictions for chilled beams, according to Abdullah Karimi's paper presented at the ASHRAE 2018 Winter Conference.…

March 2018 Cooling
Daylit office Credit: iStock mediaphotos

How to achieve nearly zero carbon emissions with evaporative cooling

In many climates, comfort cooling with zero carbon emissions can be achieved through a combination of evaporative cooling, renewables and a more relaxed dress code…

March 2018 Cooling
CIBSE Journal March 2018 Nanaimo hospital

Thermal labyrinth offers comfort at Canadian hospital

A new emergency department at a Canadian hospital enabled designers to use a basement void to install a thermal labyrinth and find their way to…

March 2018 Cooling
CIBSE Journal February 2018 biomass boilers

Biomass boilerhouse blues – and how to avoid them

Integrating biomass boilers with fossil-fuelled ones creates issues for systems design. In his second article, David Palmer outlines the mathematical modelling needed to inform design…

February 2018 Heating
CIBSE Journal February 2018 Carbon Credentials Village Hotels

Optimising HVAC system performance using BMS data analytics

Carbon Credentials uses advanced data analytics to drill down into BMS data and optimise the performance of HVAC systems. Founder Cian Duggan explains

February 2018 BMS

Chain reaction – blockchain in construction

Blockchain could disrupt the construction sector. CIBSE’s Carl Collins explains how the technology can be used to bring the design and delivery teams together

January 2018

Intelligent load control using circuit breakers

A power-management function built into a circuit breaker can help building operators avoid penalty charges for exceeding the peak consumption agreed in energy contracts, says…

January 2018

Mission control – CIBSE Employer of the Year InTandem Systems

Industry relies on specialist controls firms to make complex buildings perform as intended. The exemplary work done by InTandem Systems to nurture engineers in the…

November 2017 IT & Controls
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