Our Sustainability Journey

Thursday 28 September, 14:30 BST

September 2023

Understanding MVHR for Commercial Buildings – Airflow

The webinar discusses the importance of ventilation and why mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) is an ideal solution for commercial buildings.

June 2023

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Path to Net-Zero: Metering and Monitoring

This webinar introduces the fundamentals and basic standards of energy measurement which can be prescribed in any type of buildings to ensure hyper energy…

May 2023

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Tech Showcase webinar: Save time and money building electrical and mechanical specifications

chneider Electric share how the EcoStruxure Spec Builder tool can save you time, and money.

April 2023

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Sustainably Sustaining Power

In this webinar learn how sustainability innovations developed for the largest data centres are now available to general users.

April 2023 data centres

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How to streamline MEP design workflow with accurate calculations assured by CIBSE’s software verification assessment programme

This webinar will describe and demonstrate the process and value of using verified software

March 2023

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Getting the elephant in the room – Effective design of resilient UPS facilities

This webinar will help attendees understand how they can reduce the footprint, ease installation and maintenance and extend the life of uninterruptible power supply…

September 2022

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Drinking water hygiene: utilising system design and press connections to minimize health risks

This webinar highlights best practice for pipework installation layouts to help guarantee potable water is delivered to users

September 2022 Pipework

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Lighting the path to easily comply with the new building regulations

In this webinar you will learn how to easily comply with the new requirements outlined in the approved document.

August 2022

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Upfurbishment – designing new pump technology into older spaces

This webinar looks at the returns that can be generated by upgrading and elevating the building services infrastructure to deliver carbon savings and improve efficiencies.

May 2022
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