Urban Sciences Building

Sensor sensibility: Newcastle University’s Urban Sciences Building

Newcastle University’s Urban Sciences Building has 4,000 sensors to help optimise user comfort and energy performance. Andy Pearson reports

Starry cityscape

Learning from Nabers: Designing for performance in the UK

The Design for Performance initiative is partnering with pioneering developers to create a performance-in-use rating scheme in the UK that could transform office design and delivery, as Liza Young finds out

Facilities management
CIBSE Journal December 2018 crossrail

Train of thought – Elizabeth line lighting concept

GIA Equation’s Keith Miller explains the overarching principles behind the lighting concept for the Elizabeth line, Europe’s largest infrastructure project



SLL's retail lighting guide; lighting on the Elizabeth Line; biophilic design study


Groundbreaking services design in the best buildings of today

Hoare Lea office

The living lab: making data count

Hoare Lea’s Living Lab is exploring how data can be used to optimise buildings for both energy use and the comfort of occupants. Alex Smith takes a glimpse into a smarter future

CIBSE Journal December 2018 biophilic office

Natural selection – measuring the effects of the Biophilic Office

A major BRE study on biophilic office design will focus on how lighting impacts on the wellbeing of occupants. BRE’s Flavie Lowres describes the aims of the project