New normals: Consultants predict how Covid-19 will change HVAC design

What is the impact of Covid-19 on the design of HVAC systems for future buildings? We asked four building services engineers how system specification might change as a result of recent guidance

Air conditioning

Chamber music: Brinson Staniland Partnership’s earth labyrinth ventilation for Kent College’s Great Hall

To help maintain comfort conditions in Kent College’s Great Hall, air is cooled using five giant, subterranean concrete chambers. Andy Pearson speaks to engineer Brinson Staniland Partnership about how the labyrinth ventilation system works


Streetwise: How a pair of terrace homes reduce energy use using smart technology

Passivhaus standards of energy efficiency were delivered in two Cardiff homes by installing a sensor network that monitored room occupancy, temperature and air quality. Atamate’s David Miles, Dan Cash and Kat Kelly explain

energy efficiency

CIBSE roundtable

Delivering smarter homes using offsite building methods


Groundbreaking services design in the best buildings of today

Improving competency and testing for smoke control systems

New accreditation and certification schemes have been launched recently, to improve competency and compliance in the smoke control sector. Alex Smith talks to Allan Hurdle about the industry’s response to the Hackitt report


Maintaining thermal comfort in a changing climate

In a warming climate, what can be done to maintain thermal comfort and productivity levels in buildings without resorting to excessive cooling? Phil Lattimore reports from a CIBSE Health and Wellbeing Group video debate