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Tackling NOx from CHPs

Policies encouraging gas-fired CHPs in London are going into reverse. David Blackman looks at how new air pollution policies will affect the future of heat in the capital

Air quality
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Researching new methods for estimating design water flowrate

It is recognised that using the traditional loading units method overestimates the design flow for hot and cold water systems. Heriot-Watt University’s Achala Wickramasinghe explains how the Luna project aims to address the issue and calls for data to help validate a new method

Domestic hot water
Exterior of school POE post occupancy evaluation Credit Tim Soar

Measuring beyond energy in a school POE

Evidence gathered from a school campus in London shows the lessons that can be learned from a holistic approach to building design and operation, which improves energy performance while ensuring indoor environment quality. By lead author Nishesh Jain, Dr Esfand Burman and Dr Craig Robertson

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Integrated acoustic design at Trumpington College; identifying VOCs in schools; comfort assessed in school study


Groundbreaking services design in the best buildings of today

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To close the performance gap, choose Option D

IPMVP Option D offers robust measurement and verification to give building services engineers and their clients a better insight into how a design energy performance rating can be validated during operation. Nazli Dabidian explains how

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Hotel study reveals predicted hot water use is double the reality

Analysis of two hotels by Elementa Consulting revealed that actual hot-water use is around half of what systems are capable of supplying. Elementa’s David Glossop says this is resulting in much lower carbon savings in new services designs

Domestic hot water