Battery packs a punch – Europe’s largest community energy battery

Europe’s largest community energy battery installation at the Trent Basin housing development in Nottingham will be a demonstrator project for the UK. Andy Pearson explains the concept and the challenges behind it


Chain reaction – blockchain in construction

Blockchain could disrupt the construction sector. CIBSE’s Carl Collins explains how the technology can be used to bring the design and delivery teams together


Intelligent load control using circuit breakers

A power-management function built into a circuit breaker can help building operators avoid penalty charges for exceeding the peak consumption agreed in energy contracts, says ABB’s Atif Saleri



Full directory of CIBSE CPD providers, and two CPDs on heat exchangers and non-domestic MVHR


Groundbreaking services design in the best buildings of today

Shades of the past – a low carbon masterplan for Oman city

Madinat Al Irfan, in Oman, is set to redefine sustainable design in the Middle East. Alex Smith talks to the masterplanners behind a city aiming to halve energy and water use by allying smart building with traditional Omani design principles


Tracking performance – remote monitoring and management in schools

Educational facilities can benefit from big data, say Spie’s George Adams and Liam Rock, who explain how remote monitoring and management at several schools reduced their carbon emissions by 18%