Lessons learned: UCL and Buro Happold’s award winning project review guidelines

University College London’s award-winning Post-Project Review guidelines – developed with Buro Happold – ensure lessons from projects on its estate are fed back into a process designed to improve building performance and close the performance gap. Phil Lattimore reports


Smart hot water tanks at the heart of the energy transition

Hot water tanks have the potential to store renewable energy, balance the electricity grid, and reduce carbon emissions and utility bills. Alex Smith speaks to Mixergy to find out how the hot water cylinder has the potential to become the smartest technology in the home

Domestic hot water

Measuring indoor air quality in Passivhaus primary schools

Evidence from a study on indoor air quality in two Passivhaus primary schools reinforces the importance of well thought out ventilation and control of outdoor pollution

indoor air quality

CIBSE roundtable

Delivering smarter homes using offsite building methods


Groundbreaking services design in the best buildings of today

Heating Cambridge’s all-electric Entopia Building

The heating demands of a 1930s Cambridge University building will be reduced to a minimum in a deep energy retrofit that will enable a small, all-air primary heating system to be installed, as Liza Young reports

low carbon

Modelling the world’s tallest indoor waterfall at Jewel Changi Airport

Measuring the impact of thousands of gallons of water cascading through a deeply forested shopping centre was difficult enough for Atelier Ten’s modelling team, without having to consider trains passing through the building’s core. Andy Pearson finds out how they used cutting-edge models to meet the challenge at Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport, and won a CIBSE Building Simulation Award in the process