A novel approach: air cleaning devices

A new CIBSE guide aims to equip specifiers and facilities managers with the knowledge to safely and effectively select air cleaners. Cundall’s Ed Wealend summarises the contents

Air quality

Upward trend: ventilating buildings to minimise Covid-19 risk

In a summary of his winning paper at the CIBSE Technical Symposium, Ventive’s Tom Lipinski discusses the evidence available for the best methods for ventilating buildings in a ‘Covid-conscious future’

Air quality

For the greater good: interview Sasha Krstanovic

CIBSE’s 2021 Engineer of the Year, Sasha Krstanovic FCIBSE, took the bold decision to form a new consultancy at the height of the pandemic. She tells Alex Smith how she is using her knowledge and experience to help clients and communities work with designers to decarbonise their building stock



Groundbreaking services design in the best buildings of today

Taking shape: shape memory alloys in air conditioning

A shape memory alloy technology could be a GWP-free, cost-effective successor to vapour compression refrigeration. Liza Young finds out more

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On target: net zero modular homes at zero extra cost

Ilke Homes has vowed to manufacture zero carbon homes at zero additional cost by 2030. Andy Pearson speaks to ilke’s Nigel Banks about the services strategy and the manufacturing efficiencies that will enable it to hit its goals