Revisiting retrofits 10 years on: key lessons for the future of retrofit

CIBSE, Studio PDP and 10 Design have investigated how 10 housing projects are performing 10 years after they were retrofitted. The study highlights successes and uncovers crucial lessons for the future of housing retrofits

building performance

Bridging the gap: the 2024 CIBSE Building Performance Champion

SGA Consulting was crowned CIBSE’s Building Performance Champion following the retrofit of the historic York Guildhall. Andy Pearson explains how the project team exploited the nearby River Ouse while protecting the listed site


Essential lessons from electric schools

Too many all-electric schools are being designed for peak loads that will never be met, says Cundall’s Peter Hazzard, who has been analysing data from previous designs to slash electrical demand



Groundbreaking services design in the best buildings of today

Making the world a safer place: Hywel Davies retires from CIBSE

Hywel Davies HonFCIBSE may have retired from CIBSE, but Alex Smith discovers he is still at the forefront of building safety reform and will continue to cajole industry and government to strive for safer buildings

Building safety

CIBSE Benevolent Fund: help us help those in need

The CIBSE Benevolent Fund supports CIBSE Members and their families during times of hardship and ill health. To ensure there are enough funds for the increasing number of people who need help, a new scheme is being launched. Chair of the fund Kevin Kelly explains how Members can help