Research on indoor air quality for homeworkers

Millions of people now work from home because of Covid-19 restrictions, but are they working in a healthy environment? Researchers have assessed the impact on indoor air quality in eight homes. Anastasia Mylona reports


Winter protection: version 4 of CIBSE’s Covid-19 Ventilation Guide

The cold season brings new challenges for building managers trying to minimise the Covid-19 risk while maintaining occupant comfort. Chris Iddon introduces the latest CIBSE guidance on optimum HVAC strategies for Covid-secure buildings


Business studies: adapting commercial offices for universities

With office occupation in central London not expected to return to pre-Covid levels, Andy Pearson finds out how space has been repurposed for university students at two major developments


CIBSE roundtable

Delivering smarter homes using offsite building methods


Groundbreaking services design in the best buildings of today

Leading light: ensuring effective use of UV technology in buildings

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation has been used for many years to mitigate the spread of measles and tuberculosis. It can effectively inactivate the Covid-19 virus too, but a lack of guidelines makes modelling the equipment a complex task. Liza Young reports


Air of authority: interview with Professor Catherine Noakes

Professor Catherine Noakes’ knowledge of ventilation and infection transmission has made her one of the government’s key scientific advisers on Covid-19. In recognition of her work, she was made an OBE last month. Alex Smith talks to her about the challenge of winter and the impact of infection control going mainstream

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