Work-light balance: key changes to workplace lighting guidance

The most influential guide to lighting the workplace has had its first update for a decade. Helen Loomes…

January 2022 Lighting

Black to the future: BDP’s ‘hygge’ office lighting design

There has been a shift to lower light levels and use of darkness in the workplace, according to…

December 2021 Lighting

Ambient Lighting Manifesto: the response

In December, CIBSE Journal published an ‘ambient lighting manifesto’, written by four highly respected lighting academics who are calling…

February 2021 Lighting

The ambient lighting manifesto

Leading lighting academics Peter Boyce, Kit Cuttle, Kevin Kelly and Peter Raynham are calling for a fundamental change…

December 2020 Lighting

Leading light: ensuring effective use of UV technology in buildings

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation has been used for many years to mitigate the spread of measles and tuberculosis. It…

October 2020 Lighting

Tuning into the body clock: spectrally tunable lighting systems

For the first time in a real office setting, a study has been carried out into the impact…

November 2019 Lighting

Alight and well: lighting for healthcare environments

Lighting of healthcare environments is moving beyond clinical necessity. Andrew Bissell examines the critical need to consider the non-visual,…

November 2019 Lighting
Office space with the original fluorescent lighting

Evaluating dynamic lighting

Dynamic ‘circadian’ lighting varies in colour and intensity during the day, but does it improve alertness and help…

May 2019 Lighting
CIBSE Journal December 2018 crossrail

Train of thought – Elizabeth line lighting concept

GIA Equation’s Keith Miller explains the overarching principles behind the lighting concept for the Elizabeth line, Europe’s largest…

November 2018 Lighting
CIBSE Journal December 2018 biophilic office

Natural selection – measuring the effects of the Biophilic Office

A major BRE study on biophilic office design will focus on how lighting impacts on the wellbeing of…

November 2018 Lighting
CIBSE Journal December 2018 lighting supplement LG17 retail lighting guide

High streetwise – SLL’s guide to retail lighting

The SLL has published its first guide to retail lighting. Jill Entwistle talks to author Simon Robinson about…

November 2018 Lighting

Spiritual dome: lighting design and fire protection at The Macallan distillery

Half submerged in the Scottish hills, The Macallan distillery is a dramatic visual representation of the distilling process.…

June 2018 Lighting
CIBSE Journal December 2016 human centric lighting

Body clock wise – lighting design for the circadian cycle

Human-centric lighting is a phrase that has been bandied about over the past couple of years – not…

December 2016 Lighting
CIBSE Journal December 2016 Well Building Standard lighting

A healthy light style – the biological impact of light

The Well Building Standard considers the biological impact of light – and this ‘melanopic’ approach will have implications…

December 2016 Lighting

Light at the end of the tunnel

Endless corridors, dingy waiting rooms and basement treatment rooms will be a thing of the past at Guy’s…

August 2015 Lighting