Exploring the non-visual effects of lighting

The 2023 Jean Heap Bursary has helped fund an advanced eye-tracking headset, which is allowing lighting designer and…

July 2024 Lighting

Setting the scene: Manchester’s new arts venue Aviva Studios

Manchester’s new arts venue, Aviva Studios, features two huge events spaces that can host anything from poetry readings…

January 2024 Lighting

Lighting up the gallery: daylighting in arts institutions

Advanced techniques in lighting analysis are allowing designers to reintroduce daylighting into galleries without damaging the exhibits or…

November 2023 Lighting

Control explosion: review of LG14 Control of Electric Lighting

No longer an optional extra, control systems have become an integral component of lighting schemes. Jill Entwistle talks…

November 2023 Lighting

Glint of steel: the lighting design journey of Espenes rest stop

An award-winning low-energy lighting scheme tuned into the stunning natural backdrop of its Norwegian landscape for inspiration. Jill…

November 2023 Lighting

Under the lights: LG4 guide to sports lighting

The new version of LG4 Sports lighting is designed to ensure that stadium lighting matches the quality of…

September 2023 Lighting

TM65.2: shining a light on embodied energy

Calculating embodied energy in lighting equipment can now be done more accurately thanks to the new CIBSE TM65.2…

August 2023 Lighting

Lighting’s critical role in healthcare

As well as minimising infection risk, the big trend in healthcare lighting is circadian lighting. HDR’s Karen Murphy looks…

July 2023 Lighting

Reflecting change: key updates to LG7 – Lighting for offices

A new revision to SLL’s Lighting Guide 7 for offices encompasses the upward trends of hybrid working and…

April 2023 Lighting

Lighting the way: TM66 and a manufacturer’s circular challenge

CIBSE’s TM66 CEAM-Make guides manufacturers through CE requirements for lighting equipment and helps specifiers understand what they need…

January 2023 Lighting

The night-time blues: the impact of white LEDs on light pollution

Light pollution is about way more than too much light, as Iain Macrae FSLL MCIBSE explains

December 2022 Lighting

Module 209: Assessing daylight solutions for commercial buildings

This module explores some of the reasons for incorporating daylight into the built environment and the latest guidance…

December 2022 Lighting

Lighting the way for low energy illumination

Despite the prevalence of LEDs, lighting still makes up a substantial proportion of energy use in buildings. Guests…

November 2022 Lighting

Keeping it clean: award-winning UV-C lighting

The germicidal effects of UV light were discovered in 1877. Now, in the shadow of Covid-19, an application…

September 2022 Lighting

Module 194: Evaluating lighting needs for educational facilities

This module explores how to evaluate effectively the lighting requirements for schools, colleges and other educational environments

March 2022 Lighting