Lighting the way: TM66 and a manufacturer’s circular challenge

CIBSE’s TM66 CEAM-Make guides manufacturers through CE requirements for lighting equipment and helps specifiers understand what they need…

January 2023 Lighting

The night-time blues: the impact of white LEDs on light pollution

Light pollution is about way more than too much light, as Iain Macrae FSLL MCIBSE explains

December 2022 Lighting

Module 209: Assessing daylight solutions for commercial buildings

This module explores some of the reasons for incorporating daylight into the built environment and the latest guidance…

December 2022 Lighting

Lighting the way for low energy illumination

Despite the prevalence of LEDs, lighting still makes up a substantial proportion of energy use in buildings. Guests…

November 2022 Lighting

Module 194: Evaluating lighting needs for educational facilities

This module explores how to evaluate effectively the lighting requirements for schools, colleges and other educational environments

March 2022 Lighting

Module 192: Servicing the rise in multi-residential buildings

This module explores the increased demand for multi-residential buildings and its impact on the application of heating, cooling…

March 2022 Lighting

Work-light balance: key changes to workplace lighting guidance

The most influential guide to lighting the workplace has had its first update for a decade. Helen Loomes…

January 2022 Lighting

Black to the future: BDP’s ‘hygge’ office lighting design

There has been a shift to lower light levels and use of darkness in the workplace, according to…

December 2021 Lighting

Dark matters: SLL’s Guide to protecting the night time environment

The SLL has published its first, full-blown lighting guide on illumination and the night-time environment. Co-author Benedict Cadbury…

December 2021 Lighting

Module 186: The importance of optical control for exterior lighting

This module considers how optical performance impacts the implementation of exterior lighting applications

September 2021 Lighting

Module 176: LED luminaire optical control for office and educational applications

This module considers the technical demands and challenges in selecting appropriate LED luminaire diffusers in office and educational…

February 2021 Lighting

Ambient Lighting Manifesto: the response

In December, CIBSE Journal published an ‘ambient lighting manifesto’, written by four highly respected lighting academics who are calling…

February 2021 Lighting

The ambient lighting manifesto

Leading lighting academics Peter Boyce, Kit Cuttle, Kevin Kelly and Peter Raynham are calling for a fundamental change…

December 2020 Lighting

Module 173: Assuring the performance of LED luminaires

This module explores the standard metrics used to measure performance of LED luminaires and how to interpret them

November 2020 Lighting

Leading light: ensuring effective use of UV technology in buildings

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation has been used for many years to mitigate the spread of measles and tuberculosis. It…

October 2020 Lighting