Exhaustive research – accurate flue design for commercial boilers

Accurate flue design is essential for many commercial boilers to work at maximum efficiency. Jim Kinnibrugh explains how performance can be compromised

November 2015 Heating
Free surface flow at a branch outfall

The final word – modelling fluid flows

Past CIBSE president John Swaffield died before he was able to finish his second work on modelling fluid flows in building drainage systems. Michael Gormley,…

November 2015 Pipework

A higher authority – upgrading valves at Chiswick Park

Pressure independent control valves can offer extensive energy benefits according to manufactures. Frese has fitted 1,060 units to an office building at Chiswick Park, so…

October 2015 Cooling

Build tight – ventilate right?

Indoor air quality in housing is being compromised because ventilation scenarios in Building Regulations are not realistic, says Strathclyde University’s Stirling Howieson, who co-wrote the…

October 2015 Cooling

Prepare for landing

As the 2016 deadline for using BIM Level 2 on public sector projects looms, Martin Howe explains how Shepherd Engineering Services is adapting to BIM…

September 2015 BIM

Back to basics

With some way to go before natural ventilation is completely accepted as a viable alternative to mechanical systems, Andrew Acred shares a simple model for…

September 2015 Cooling

Light at the end of the tunnel

Endless corridors, dingy waiting rooms and basement treatment rooms will be a thing of the past at Guy’s new Cancer Centre when it opens in…

August 2015 BIM

On a mission

Portakabin is using CIBSE’s TM54 tool to help predict energy use at a new Cambridge base for the East Anglian Air Ambulance. Peter Rankin explains…

August 2015 Heating

The power of three

New CIBSE President Nick Mead joins fellow presidents Andy Sneyd and Stephen Hodder to discuss how institutions can encourage the professions to break out of…

July 2015 BIM

Exposing the underground

The mass of underground services buried beneath our streets is a major hurdle to creating smart, resilient cities, say Nicole Metje and Dexter Hunt, who…

June 2015
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