Efficient lifting: improving chiller performance

Reducing the ‘lift’ in a refrigeration cycle can cut a chiller’s operational energy use significantly, according to Trent Hunt, in a presentation at last month’s ASHRAE Conference in Atlanta. Tim Dwyer summarises the paper

Switching to propane: reducing charge in a propane heat pump

Propane’s low GWP is making it an increasingly attractive alternative to refrigerants restricted by the F-gas Regulations. Tim Dwyer tracks the growth of propane and looks at the L150 initiative in Germany that is aiming to reduce the charge in a propane refrigerant circuit

A plan for all seasons: aquifer thermal energy storage

Seasonal thermal storage has the potential for significant carbon savings, but there are few examples in the UK. Alex Smith speaks to Belgium firm IFTech about how the technology can provide low carbon heating and cooling for energy networks

Lighting the way: TM66 and a manufacturer’s circular challenge

CIBSE’s TM66 CEAM-Make guides manufacturers through CE requirements for lighting equipment and helps specifiers understand what they need to look for. Dave Hollingsbee, of Stoane Lighting, outlines how his firm has adopted the guidance – and what it still has to do