Cooling’s pathway to net zero

For the UK to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, the cooling industry must radically improve the efficiency of equipment and switch to ultra-low global warming potential refrigerants. Andy Pearson looks at a proposed timetable for action

Designing community heat pumps systems for heat networks

Over the past 18 months, heat pumps have replaced CHPs on heat networks, according to FairHeat’s Michael Ridge. The challenge now, he says, is to integrate the technology successfully, while still providing reliable and affordable heat for customers and residents

Guide to low loss headers

Achieving hydraulic separation through well-designed low loss headers is key for efficient heating and cooling systems. David Palmer and Baxi Heating’s Ryan Kirkwood provide detailed design guidance, including a recommended system configuration

Making hydrogen work for commercial buildings

Any conversion from natural gas to hydrogen in the grid must cater for commercial and industrial heating. Enertek International’s Paul Needley and Frazer-Nash Consultancy’s Stephen Livermore explore the challenges

CIBSE’S essential travel guide

CIBSE Guide D: 2020 Transportation systems in buildings includes the latest in vertical transportation, including ropeless lifts and accessibility for older people. Dr Gina Barney HonFCIBSE and Adam Scott FCIBSE summarise its content

Smart hot water tanks at the heart of the energy transition

Hot water tanks have the potential to store renewable energy, balance the electricity grid, and reduce carbon emissions and utility bills. Alex Smith speaks to Mixergy to find out how the hot water cylinder has the potential to become the smartest technology in the home

Handling Covid risk in thermal wheels

To minimise the risk of Covid-19 transmission in thermal wheels, designers should choose a configuration that minimises recirculation of contaminated air. FläktGroup’s David Black explains the options and how AHU purge sectors can cut the risk further

Platforms for growth: digital engineering for SMEs

Adopting a digital way of working may be daunting for SMEs with a fraction of the budget of big rivals, but Atkins’ Ben Roberts MCIBSE says in-house digital advocates, training and freely available tools can get firms up to speed quickly