National Gallery of Ireland’s hidden services

Refurbishment of the National Gallery of Ireland required tight environmental control in the galleries, but there was minimal…

November 2017 Heating
plastic pipes and fittings for domestic systems

Guidance: Discharge from storage cylinders into pipework systems

Good pipe plumbing is key to supporting safety in buildings. BPF Pipes Group’s Steve Skeldon shares best practice…

September 2017 Heating
CIBSE Journal October 2017 O2 hotel

Greenwich hotel opens door to district heating

The InterContinental Hotel at the O2 was linked to the local heat network after designers convinced the developer…

September 2017 Heating
CIBSE Journal June 2017 Beijing smog NOx

Beijing’s burning issue – reducing boiler NOx emissions

Tough limits on boiler NOx emissions have been introduced to tackle Beijing’s smog. Dr Gregory Zdaniuk, Joël Moreau…

June 2017 Heating
CIBSE Journal May 2017 Royal Academy

Academy reward – heating London’s Royal Academy

London’s Royal Academy has a masterplan to transform its historic estate. Andrew Brister reveals how new rooftop heating…

May 2017 Heating
CIBSE Journal May 2017 Colin Taylor heat networks

Heat network pipework: Burying an investment, not a problem

The design and installation of pipework is often overlooked in the delivery of heat networks, with potentially catastrophic…

May 2017 Heating
CIBSE Journal May 2017 Zig Zag Exterior

Secure connection – Zig Zag and Kings Gate development

With linked energy centres that allow the transfer of both heating and cooling, two new buildings in Victoria…

May 2017 Heating
CIBSE Journal January 2016 HIU testing

How HIU performance testing will change heat network design

New codes and tests designed to root out poorly performing heat networks are shining a spotlight on the…

January 2017 Heating
CIBSE Journal November 2016 Legionella

Prevention or cure – legionella prevention in heat networks

There are two options when it comes to safeguarding low-temperature district heating systems from legionella – safe design…

October 2016 Heating
CIBSE Journal Sept 2016 heat networks return temperatures Andy Murry

The perfect return – heat network return temperatures

For a heat network to be energy efficient, it is essential that low flow return temperatures are achieved.…

September 2016 Heating
Packard Foundation Headquarters main

Packard Foundation HQ: net zero energy CIBSE award winner

The team behind the Packard Foundation HQ, which won the international project of the year accolade at CIBSE’s…

May 2016 Heating
CIBSE Journal May 2016 Guru Systems feature shard

On a mission: using data to optimise heat networks

Gareth Jones and Casey Cole are using big data to expose the real performance of domestic heat networks.…

April 2016 Heating
CIBSE Journal roundtable

Roundtable: What’s next for heating, cooling and ventilation?

How does our approach to services need to adapt to tackle issues such as climate change? A CIBSE…

January 2016 Heating
Grooved pipe jointing

Thermal expansion and grooved pipe-joining systems

A grooved pipe-joining system is one method of accommodating thermal expansion and contraction in HVAC systems. Victaulic’s Larry…

January 2016 Heating
Magnetic field visualisation

What’s so attractive about magnetic refrigeration?

Magnetic refrigeration has the potential to reduce energy use by 30% and requires no refrigerant. Metkel Yebiyo and…

January 2016 Heating