Kings cross canal with buildings

Key changes in the updated Heat Networks Code of Practice

A major update to the Heat Networks Code of Practice includes key performance outputs that allow clients to…

January 2019 Heating

SAP 10: Other factors to consider

Lower carbon factors for grid electricity, in draft SAP 10, will profoundly affect how designers provide heat and…

January 2019 Heating

Playing to the gallery – V&A Dundee’s low carbon strategy

With its bold geometric design in danger of upstaging the exhibits inside, V&A Dundee has been making waves…

January 2019 Heating
CIBSE Journal January 2019 heat pumps PCM Themac

The next phase: heat pumps and PCM

An InnovateUK research project is looking to combine phase change materials with a smart heat pump system to…

January 2019 Heating
CIBSE Journal November 2018 Old Bailey

Judicial renew – replacing heating and cooling at the Old Bailey

Fifty-year-old boilers at the Old Bailey are being replaced under the watchful eye of Lady Justice, in a…

November 2018 Heating
CIBSE Journal November 2018 Center Parcs

Paradise forged – Heating and cooling at Center Parcs Longford Forest resort

Center Parcs Longford Forest resort required renewable energy generation, ventilation that didn’t harm tropical plants and a new…

November 2018 Heating
biomass St Andrew's University

Chipping away at the data – optimising biomass plant at St Andrews University

A biomass district heating scheme is key to the University of St Andrews’ goal of being energy carbon…

November 2018 Heating

Tunnel vision: the challenge of cooling the London Underground

It carries five million passengers a day and is integral to the smooth running of the capital -…

May 2018 Heating

Rising from the ashes – the revamped renewable heat incentive

The Northern Irish version contributed to bringing down a government and the entire scheme has been branded a…

May 2018 Heating

Why gas CHP still measures up

Despite the rapid decarbonisation of the UK electricity grid and lower wholesale prices, properly sized combined heat and…

May 2018 Heating
CIBSE Journal February 2018 biomass boilers

Biomass boilerhouse blues – and how to avoid them

Integrating biomass boilers with fossil-fuelled ones creates issues for systems design. In his second article, David Palmer outlines…

February 2018 Heating

Understanding why biomass boilers fail

Successful design of biomass boilers requires a systems approach, says David Palmer, who considers how factors such as…

November 2017 Heating

National Gallery of Ireland’s hidden services

Refurbishment of the National Gallery of Ireland required tight environmental control in the galleries, but there was minimal…

November 2017 Heating
plastic pipes and fittings for domestic systems

Guidance: Discharge from storage cylinders into pipework systems

Good pipe plumbing is key to supporting safety in buildings. BPF Pipes Group’s Steve Skeldon shares best practice…

September 2017 Heating
CIBSE Journal October 2017 O2 hotel

Greenwich hotel opens door to district heating

The InterContinental Hotel at the O2 was linked to the local heat network after designers convinced the developer…

September 2017 Heating