Force of nature – naturally ventilating Amsterdam’s Breeze Hotel

The 11-storey Breeze Hotel in Amsterdam has a unique natural ventilation system that uses solar chimneys and water droplets sprayed into a shaft to move air around the building. Andy Pearson speaks to the academic behind the concept, Dr Ben Bronsema, and looks  at how his ‘earth, wind and fire’ theory became reality

The impact on system design

As older systems come to the end of their life, they are progressively being replaced with alternatives that use lower GWP refrigerants. Martin Passingham, product manager for DX at Daikin UK, looks at what this means for the design of existing systems

Recovery, recycling and reuse

Significantly reducing the demand for imported higher-GWP refrigerants before the next quota reduction in 2021 will be key to avoiding many supply and price issues experienced since late 2017, says Daikin’s Martin Passingham

Refrigerant choice

Despite the F-Gas phasedown that is taking place over the next 12 years, there is still a wide range of refrigerants available. Martin Passingham, product manager for DX at Daikin UK looks at the current landscape and the factors that inform the selection of refrigerants

The living lab: making data count

Hoare Lea’s Living Lab is exploring how data can be used to optimise buildings for both energy use and the comfort of occupants. Alex Smith takes a glimpse into a smarter future