University of Cambridge Primary School CIBSE Journal April 2016

Learning without limits – University of Cambridge Primary School

The UK’s first university training primary school – built for the University of Cambridge – incorporates a groundbreaking design that has created a space where learning…

March 2016 Cooling
Wilkinson Primary School CIBSE Journal April 2016

A lesson in Passivhaus – award-winning Wilkinson Primary School

Lessons learned from previous Passivhaus projects have earned Wilkinson Primary School energy reductions of around 90% compared with CIBSE benchmarks, plus a coveted CIBSE award.…

March 2016 Cooling
Cheltenham Racecourse CIBSE Journal March 2016

Horses for courses – services at the new Cheltenham Racecourse grandstand

M&E services in Cheltenham Racecourse’s new £45m grandstand had to be controlled zonally if parts of the building were to be hired out for weddings…

March 2016 BIM
Agar Grove Passivhaus visualisation

Max Fordham takes on Britain’s biggest Passivhaus

Camden’s Agar Grove estate is to become the UK’s biggest residential Passivhaus project. Max Fordham’s Bertie Dixon describes the challenges of building an 18-storey tower…

January 2016 Passivhaus
Siemens headquarters Middle East

Light and shade – Siemens Middle Eastern headquarters

Masdar, in Abu Dhabi, is designed to showcase green technologies in the Middle East. Andy Pearson looks at how the city's masterplan helped determine Aecom's…

January 2016 Cooling
Irena headquarters Masdar

Beyond Oil – Irena Headquarters Masdar

The headquarters for the International Renewable Energy Agency boasts a huge PV array – but the real talking point is the 50% reduction in energy…

December 2015
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