CIBSE Journal October 2016 Supp main Tate Modern

The art of cooling – services design at the Tate Modern extension

Its façade is not the only thing that’s cutting edge about the new Tate Modern extension – it uses water from the gravel below to cool…

September 2016 Cooling
CIBSE Journal October 2016 Chartham Maritine

Safe harbour – the Chatham Historic Dockyard restoration

For 200 years the historic HMS Namur lay forgotten under a wheelwrights’ shop at The Chatham Historic Dockyard. Now it’s the star of an exhibition…

September 2016 Refurbishment
CIBSE Journal September 2016 Cundall Well building standard

A picture of health – Well Building Standard at Cundall

Cundall’s new office is the first project in Europe to receive Well Building Standard certification. Liza Young finds out what this involved, and how it…

September 2016 Health & wellbeing
CIBSE Journal Sept 2016 South Bank Tower

Out of reach – South Bank Tower retrofit

A vibrant mixed-use tower has emerged from a dreary 1970s London office block after engineers worked out how to accommodate a multitude of building services…

September 2016 Refurbishment
CIBSE Journal Sept 2016 AHMM Refurb

In control – thermal comfort and productivity

Architect AHMM has used its office as a testbed for thermal strategies in a building with no cooling. AHMM’s Craig Robertson and Ines Idzikowski Perez,…

September 2016 Cooling
CIBSE Journal August 2016 Rosie hospital overheating

Heat stress – addressing overheating at Addenbrooke’s Rosie maternity unit

Mothers, babies and staff at the Rosie maternity unit in Cambridge can endure summer temperatures of over 30°C. Alan Short, Renganathan Giridharan, and Kevin Lomas…

July 2016 Overheating
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