CIBSE’s Building Performance Champion – The Engine Shed

The Engine Shed in Scotland was named Building Performance Champion because sustainability was embedded at every stage of the project, from the briefing workshop to…

February 2020 Heating

Making the switch from gas-fired CHP to heat pump

Lower carbon factors for Grid electricity proposed for Part L are already in place in London. Andy Pearson looks at one scheme in North London…

January 2020 CHP

A journal of discovery – The FT returns home to the refurbished Bracken House

The Financial Times returned to Bracken House after an extensive refurbishment. Andy Pearson finds out how Arup overcame the challenges of retrofitting a listed London building…

January 2020 Refurbishment

Class control: optimising HVAC controls in schools

Poor HVAC controls can cost schools thousands of pounds in wasted energy. School teacher Chris Baker explains how he engaged with his students at Parrs Wood…

November 2019 heat pumps

Showcasing net-zero: Event Complex Aberdeen’s energy strategy

The Event Complex Aberdeen has a sophisticated energy strategy combining anaerobic digestion, hydrogen fuel cells and CHP plant. Andy Pearson talks to HDR | Hurley…

November 2019 CHP

Conquering outer space: best practice in exterior lighting

A more nuanced approach is changing the face of exterior lighting, as Jill Entwistle discovered with a recent StudioFractal project in the City of London

November 2019 Lighting
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