Bridging the gap: gas-fired absorption heat pumps in America

In the US, an abundance of cheap gas and a high carbon intensity for grid electricity compared with Europe is driving a move towards gas-fired…

April 2020 Boiler

Intelligence networks: smart grids in Islington and Oxford

Smart energy projects are being piloted in the UK to find out how buildings and infrastructure can be connected intelligently to provide low carbon heat…

April 2020 Heat network

Maintaining buildings in lockdown

Buildings left empty by the lockdown must be maintained properly to avoid risks such as legionella, corrosion and mould. Liza Young reports

Making a noise about acoustic design

A new guide addressing issues of noise, ventilation and overheating for homes has been launched by the Association of Noise Consultants. Working group chair Dr…

April 2020

Wasted opportunity: using UK waste heat in district heating

If the UK reused waste heat from its buildings and industrial processes, it could be used to supply 14% of the hot water and heating…

April 2020 Heating

Preventing Covid-19 spreading in buildings

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, REHVA experts have published a guidance document on how to operate and use building services to minimise the spread…

March 2020 Air conditioning

Highlights from the ASHRAE Winter Conference

The ASHRAE Winter Conference in Orlando featured more than 300 presentations to nearly 2,800 delegates. Tim Dwyer gives a taste of the engineering zeitgeist, including…

March 2020 Air conditioning

Sizing the opportunity – using software tools to reduce oversizing of HVAC

Integrated design and dynamic modelling can help overcome the problem of HVAC oversizing, says Autodesk’s Steven Butler and Michael Floyd

February 2020 digital
Daylit office Credit: iStock mediaphotos

Zero-GWP cooling using the barocaloric effect

A Cambridge start-up is pioneering a breakthrough technology, based on the barocaloric effect, to develop a radical zero-GWP cooling system. Phil Lattimore reports

February 2020 Cooling

Jagannatha Reddy – the digital engineer of the year

Jagannatha Reddy’s commitment to innovation in digital processes and collaboration earned him the title of best digital engineer 2019 at the Society of Digital Engineering…

February 2020 digital
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