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Using renewables to unlock the Grid

If electric vehicles and batteries are to herald an all-electric future for homes, smart tech must be developed and tested to ensure there is always…

May 2019 Battery storage

The meaning of life: Comparing whole life carbon for gas and electric heating

As electricity generation reduces its carbon intensity, embodied carbon represents a higher proportion of whole-life carbon. Clara Bagenal George’s study, summarised at last month’s CIBSE…

May 2019 Heating
Air Quality NOx CHP

Tackling NOx from CHPs

Policies encouraging gas-fired CHPs in London are going into reverse. David Blackman looks at how new air pollution policies will affect the future of heat…

March 2019 Air quality
TFL's Palestra building in London

On the right track: services retrofit saves TfL’s Palestra £400,000

Like most large offices, TfL’s Palestra building is complex. To realise its true potential, it underwent significant interventions resulting in £400,000 of energy savings. Andy…

March 2019 CHP
Futurebuild waste zone

Industry wakes up to reality at Futurebuild

At the conference formerly known as Ecobuild, there was a large focus on housing and monitoring performance, as well as debates on the future of…

March 2019 Monitoring
Tumeric istock credit- Milja Photo

How using turmeric waste as biomass cut carbon emissions by 60%

In 2018, GSH Group India won a major environmental award for a project with FMCG firm Kaleesuwari to replace coal with turmeric and mixed biomass at…

March 2019 Heating
Credit - Wweagle

Researching new methods for estimating design water flowrate

It is recognised that using the traditional loading units method overestimates the design flow for hot and cold water systems. Heriot-Watt University’s Achala Wickramasinghe explains…

March 2019 Domestic hot water
Trumpington College Credit Jack Hobhouse

Silent treatment: acoustic design in an open plan school

The design brief for Trumpington Community College was for open teaching spaces overlooking a large, airy atrium. The challenge for Max Fordham’s acoustic engineers was…

March 2019 Acoustics
Credit M_pavlov

To close the performance gap, choose Option D

IPMVP Option D offers robust measurement and verification to give building services engineers and their clients a better insight into how a design energy performance…

March 2019 Monitoring : Osvaldo Maldonado

Hotel study reveals predicted hot water use is double the reality

Analysis of two hotels by Elementa Consulting revealed that actual hot-water use is around half of what systems are capable of supplying. Elementa’s David Glossop…

March 2019 Domestic hot water
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