Battery technology in UPS systems – VRLA v Li-ion

Although lead-acid batteries are long-established, with a majority market share, lithium-ion is starting to pick up pace. Alex Emms, of Kohler Uninterruptible Power, compares the…

August 2019 Battery storage
CIBSE Journal November 2016 news overheating BSERT

CIBSE seminar: Tackling overheating

Changes to Building Regulations offer a chance to reduce overheating risks, according to speakers at a CIBSE seminar last month

August 2019 Overheating

How digital can streamline concept design

To streamline the concept design stage for building services, four teams took part in a challenge to automate common project workflows. CIBSE’s digital engineering lead…

August 2019 BIM

Opening remarks: guidance on ventilation openings

Designing adequately sized windows for natural ventilation while ensuring occupants' safety is a challenge. Benjamin Jones, Patrick Sharpe and Chris Iddon offer guidance ahead of…

August 2019 Ventilation

Role models: The benefits and limitations of modelling

The CIBSE HVAC Systems and Building Simulation groups explored advanced building systems modelling during a discussion at Hoare Lea. Aecom's Mary-Ann Clarke reports from the…

August 2019 Simulation

Case study: Cambridge Central Mosque

Cambridge’s elegant new mosque has comfort and sustainability at its heart thanks to the involvement of the environmental engineer at the project’s inception. Andy Pearson…

July 2019 Cooling

Plymouth’s 5th-generation heating network

When Plymouth City Council looked at heating and cooling buildings more efficiently, it found the area’s geology offered a source of energy that enabled it…

July 2019 Heat network

The scale of the problem – water quality issues in heat networks

A recent study found 15% of heat networks had suffered failures as a result of issues around water quality. Jon Greaves, of Hydro-X Water Treatment,…

July 2019 heat networks

Opening the loop – CP3 guide

Open-loop groundwater source heat pumps are poorly understood and little used in the UK. A new code of practice, CP3, aims to raise standards, say…

July 2019 Cooling

Electrocaloric cooling – making a difference

Electrocaloric cooling works by applying an electric field to change temperatures and requires no refrigerants. Metkel Yebiyo and Professor Andy Ford look at the benefits…

June 2019 Cooling
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