Reaching new heights: the all-timber Black and White office building

A six-storey timber façade at the Black and White office building in London helped slash embodied carbon and won its engineer an SFE Façade 2023 Design…

December 2023 awards

Lighting up the gallery: daylighting in arts institutions

Advanced techniques in lighting analysis are allowing designers to reintroduce daylighting into galleries without damaging the exhibits or causing visual discomfort to those viewing them.…

November 2023 controls

Control explosion: review of LG14 Control of Electric Lighting

No longer an optional extra, control systems have become an integral component of lighting schemes. Jill Entwistle talks to Sophie Parry about the Society of…

November 2023 controls

Back in control: making savings with BMS optimisation

The optimisation of HVAC controls for a Croydon office has reduced energy use by 28% over nine months, resulting in a £171,000 saving in operational…

November 2023 BMS

Taking the heat out of decarbonisation: insights from CIBSE’s roundtable

Eight industry experts came together to discuss the challenges of decarbonising heating in CIBSE Journal’s latest roundtable. Amanda Birch sums up the main points of…

November 2023 Decarbonisation

Glint of steel: the lighting design journey of Espenes rest stop

An award-winning low-energy lighting scheme tuned into the stunning natural backdrop of its Norwegian landscape for inspiration. Jill Entwistle speaks to the designers behind the…

November 2023 Lighting

Smart homes, zero bills: Octopus Energy’s scheme for housebuilders

Octopus Energy is offering a partnership with housebuilders that guarantees zero energy bills for occupiers using its Kraken technology platform. Andy Pearson speaks to Nigel…

November 2023 Electricity

Heat pump design from the ground up: upcoming TM51 update

New CIBSE guidance on ground source heat pumps is due to be published in early 2024. Here, project lead Ken Gordon outlines the changes

November 2023 heat pumps

The balance of power: the bivalent approach to heat pumps

Using a boiler to top up peak space heating in heat pump systems can save CO2 and costs, says Mitsubishi Electric’s Chris Newman, who gives examples of two…

November 2023 Decarbonisation

Sizing up the benefits: thermal storage in heat networks

Oversized thermal stores in heat networks could cut electric boiler capacity by up to 30%, says FairHeat’s Jake Adamson, who looks at data from existing…

November 2023 Heat network
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