How thermal storage will free up roofspace at Millennium Bridge House

By using thermal storage in buildings with cooling and heating requirements, designers can cut energy use, reduce HVAC plant and potentially free up space for…

August 2020 Cooling

Quality assured: regulating the heat network industry

With investment in heat networks expected to rise exponentially, the government is proposing mandatory testing to ensure the new wave of low carbon district heating…

July 2020 heat networks

Are smart home technologies too clever for the industry?

Dan Cash summarises – and responds to – key questions raised in July's article on smart home technologies

July 2020 BMS

Decarbonising heat using ambient loop heat networks

As the government aims to decarbonise heat, Locogen’s David Linsley-Hood investigates how ambient heat pump networks could be a potential mechanism for providing low carbon domestic…

July 2020 Heat network

Light relief: Tackling the coronavirus with ultraviolet light

Experts are looking to ultraviolet light to help limit the transmission of coronavirus. Andy Pearson finds out how UVC light technology works and whether it could…

July 2020 Disease control

Improving competency and testing for smoke control systems

New accreditation and certification schemes have been launched recently, to improve competency and compliance in the smoke control sector. Alex Smith talks to Allan Hurdle…

June 2020 accreditation

New normals: Consultants predict how Covid-19 will change HVAC design

What is the impact of Covid-19 on the design of HVAC systems for future buildings? We asked four building services engineers how system specification might…

June 2020 Air conditioning

Maintaining thermal comfort in a changing climate

In a warming climate, what can be done to maintain thermal comfort and productivity levels in buildings without resorting to excessive cooling? Phil Lattimore reports…

May 2020 Cooling

arbn well: the smart approach to operating healthy buildings

arbn well is a CIBSE award-winning data analytics platform that could help building managers make their buildings Covid-19 secure. Phil Lattimore looks at how it…

May 2020 Data analytics

CIBSE’s guidance on ventilation during Covid-19

Guidance published by CIBSE last month has advice for ventilation and air conditioning systems in the UK amid the ongoing pandemic. Alex Smith summarises guidance…

May 2020 Air conditioning
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