Overheating warning: how Part O aims to address overheating

Approved Document O was published in December, and is aimed at reducing overheating risk in new residential buildings. Inkling’s Susie Diamond says the new regulations…

April 2022 Overheating

Oversizing matters: Effect of boiler oversizing on efficiency

With energy prices soaring and carbon reduction a priority, ensuring heating systems are specified to operate as efficiently as possible is essential. In this article,…

April 2022 Boiler

Greening the City: installing heat pumps at Citigen’s central London energy centre

The City of London is adding heat pumps and boreholes to its Farringdon energy centre and hopes to encourage more commercial buildings to plug into…

April 2022 Heat network

The dash from gas: converting schools from gas to heat pumps

With the need to switch from fossil fuels to renewables becoming ever more pressing, one heat pump retrofit schools project in Yorkshire could be the…

March 2022 Education

Tightening up: TM23 Testing building for air leakage

The latest update to the Building Regulations includes reference to a new CIBSE TM23 guide on airtightness testing. Julie Godefroy reviews the new TM, which includes…

March 2022 Housing

Optimising ventilation in the post-Covid classroom

To optimise classroom indoor air quality, schools need to take a holistic approach to natural ventilation and air cleaning technology, argues CIBSE’s Chris Iddon

March 2022 indoor air quality

Radical departure? Retrofitting for heat pumps

With the pressure on homeowners to replace domestic gas boilers with heat pumps, it is essential that engineers ensure that existing radiators and pipework are…

March 2022 heat pumps

Decarbonomics: Delivering on the net zero promise

Organisations are setting ambitious 2030 targets in response to the climate emergency, but how do they decarbonise property assets in such a short period of…

March 2022 zero carbon

How Britain’s film industry was saved from the London fog

In the early days of cinema, the UK’s biggest studios were in central London, but pervasive fog – ‘pea-soupers’ – was entering film sets and…

March 2022 Air conditioning

Dual purpose: evaporative cooling

Switching between modes in dual evaporative coolers can result in large operational savings, according to a recent B&SERT paper. Tim Dwyer looks at the latest…

March 2022 Cooling
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