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Building in fire protection

Grundfos Pumps discussed the factors that need to be reviewed when looking to protect residential high-rise buildings with pump applications, in this webinar, which…

September 2017 Fire
High rise apartment from below

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Compact water cooled solutions for restricted plant spaces

Water cooled VRV is the ideal solution for developments with limited space for a plantroom. Watch Daikin's webinar on demand to understand how the…

July 2017 Cooling

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Need to get pumped up about District Energy?

There is a growing interest in district energy as a means of delivering a high efficiency source of heating and cooling to users, providing…

February 2017 District energy

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Smart HVAC systems for lower energy, better well-being and better control

This project-focused webinar will explore how innovative HVAC design based on smart technologies permits refurbishing existing office buildings, offering lower energy, better wellbeing and…

October 2016 Refurbishment
Crystal Tower

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See into the future of large-scale building systems design

This webinar will explore future influences on building design and explain how variable refrigerant systems can offer fully integrated HVACR solutions that minimise energy…

September 2016
Hybrid VFR Branch Controller

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How to avoid the need for VRF leak detection

How standards and regulations will affect the design and specification of VRF systems. On demand webinar now available.

March 2016
Grundfos TPs with frequency inverters

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Efficient pumping in heating and cooling applications

Webinar looks at designing pump systems to minimise energy consumption, increase comfort levels and future-proof buildings

January 2016

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Designing climate control systems with the increasing constraints of the built environment in mind

Aesthetic design considerations are not the first thing that comes to mind when designing HVAC solutions. Comfort, control and efficiency all take priority in…

November 2015

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Need to learn more about reliable wastewater removal in commercial buildings?

View the webinar from Thursday 5th November 2015

November 2015

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Pump systems – how much intelligence can you build in?

View the CIBSE Journal webinar from 29 September 2015

October 2015 Cooling