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Lighting the path to easily comply with the new building regulations

In this webinar you will learn how to easily comply with the new requirements outlined in the approved document.

August 2022

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Upfurbishment – designing new pump technology into older spaces

This webinar looks at the returns that can be generated by upgrading and elevating the building services infrastructure to deliver carbon savings and improve efficiencies.

May 2022

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Space – The First Frontier: What affects the space required for emergency generators and how to use it effectively

This webinar navigates shows how innovations such as racking and belly tanks help make the most of the space and budget available.

March 2022

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Building Regulations and Building Safety Bill update and the role of heat pumps

Webinar looking at the latest updates to Part L and how this will impact the design of future developments

March 2022 heat pumps

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Water Source Heat Pumps and Ultra Low Heat Networks for the Multi-Residential Sector

Join Mitsubishi Electric in this webinar which explores the future of ultra-low heat network technology within multi-residential apartments

November 2021 heat pumps

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Ready or not? UPS Systems Monitoring and Management

This webinar looks at today’s monitoring and communication options.

September 2021

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Building up to a digital evolution

This webinar will show how embracing new technologies can positively impact optimisation whilst decreasing lifecycle costs.

July 2021

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A sound solution: The impact of wastewater noise on building design

This webinar looks at the importance of adopting a full system approach to washroom design

June 2021

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Understanding DPCVs and PICVs for Effective Flow Control in Variable Volume Systems

Webinar also explores the operation, application and common installation queries in relation to these products

April 2021

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Smart Lighting Guide

Webinar looks at the real benefits of wireless connected lighting systems to consultants, contractors, engineers and end users.

February 2021 Lighting