Lord Deben

Lord Deben urges engineers to drop the ‘boys’ toys’

Chairman of the Committee on Climate Change champions energy efficiency at CIBSE Building Performance Conferenc

November 2015

Contractors foot bill for Hong Kong…

CIBSE Hong Kong Branch issues report on lead contamination of drinking water in new housing estates

November 2015

Rudd criticised for ignoring energy efficiency…

Focus on energy supply misses chance to reduce need for new capacity says industry experts

November 2015

Atelier Ten celebrates 25 years

Atelier Ten marks its 25th anniversary by producing Invisible Architecture, a new book focusing on the unseen elements in a building

November 2015
Hugh Boyes

BIM can expose buildings to cyber…

BIM models can be turned into tools that help people pull off criminal acts, according to security experts

November 2015
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