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Sibling harmony – using generators with UPS

Delivering power resilience by using both a generator and uninterruptible power supply

May 2020 UPS

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Introducing Compliant Emergency Lighting

Are you confident your emergency lighting system will be adequate if called upon? Does it comply with current legislation, and just as importantly, can…

September 2019

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Off-site build – a solid base for future developments

This webinar on benefits of 'plug and pump' solutions will take place on 19 September 2019 at 13:00 (BST)

August 2019 Pipework

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Uninterrupted Power Interpreted

Make sure you don’t miss this key opportunity to learn more about delivering power resilience

April 2019

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High-rise pumping matters

Webinar looking at best M&E solutions for complex demands

July 2018
ABB webinar

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How can energy storage help cut your energy bills while keeping your lights on?

This webinar, held on 12 July, is now available on demand

June 2018

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Ventilation solutions to improve air quality for Part F

Register now for the latest insights into air quality from Daikin. The event took place on 12 June

May 2018 Cooling

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Building in fire protection

Grundfos Pumps discussed the factors that need to be reviewed when looking to protect residential high-rise buildings with pump applications, in this webinar, which…

September 2017 Fire
High rise apartment from below

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Compact water cooled solutions for restricted plant spaces

Water cooled VRV is the ideal solution for developments with limited space for a plantroom. Watch Daikin's webinar on demand to understand how the…

July 2017 Cooling

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Need to get pumped up about District Energy?

There is a growing interest in district energy as a means of delivering a high efficiency source of heating and cooling to users, providing…

February 2017 District energy