One vision: integrating intelligent HVAC

Integrating intelligent HVAC controls could resolve systems conflicts and give facilities managers a powerful online tool to manage their portfolios. Aecom’s Mary-Ann Clarke MCIBSE reports from a CIBSE HVAC Group webinar on implementing smart HVAC systems

Best practice HVAC controls: ASHRAE Guideline 36

Building controls systems are complex and can be a major obstacle to good performance if they are not specified and commissioned properly. Building Intelligence Group’s Paul Ehrlich says new tools and standards are helping to digitise the design process and streamline verification

The living lab: making data count

Hoare Lea’s Living Lab is exploring how data can be used to optimise buildings for both energy use and the comfort of occupants. Alex Smith takes a glimpse into a smarter future

In concert – reducing energy in data centres

A new data centre in Stockholm is reducing energy use dramatically by employing an algorithm that integrates separate control systems to reduce infrastructure energy load. Andy Pearson reports