Compact water cooled solutions for restricted plant spaces

Water cooled VRV is the ideal solution for developments with limited space for a plantroom. Watch Daikin’s webinar on demand to understand how the technology can be used in high-end apartment and district heating schemes

High rise apartment from below

Ever shrinking plant room space demands systems that are big on performance and small on space.

The pressure on spaces typically occupied by the plant room is continuing to grow. Penthouse apartments often now adorn the top of office complexes, while shopping zones and car parks occupying the ground and basement floor areas. So there’s little room left for plant.

Water cooled VRV offers an answer in many cases; with a small footprint and ability to be located inside in a tight space.

Daikin will explain how the latest VRV water cooled technology can meet these ever more demanding situations, looking at how water cooled solutions can be applied to developments such as high end residential and district heating schemes.

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