The fallacy of permitted development rights

While a raft of new policies have been announced, an existing one – PDRs – has led to failures in health, safety and sustainability, says Julie Godefroy

The policy clues

There has been a flurry of recommendations about the future for heating, cooling and energy efficiency in our buildings. Hywel Davies considers how they might influence the review of Parts L and F of the Building Regulations

Walk the talk

The government has legislated that the UK will be zero carbon by 2050 – so what is it doing to achieve this for its own estate and activities? Julie Godefroy explains

Building to perform

Pressure is growing to make our existing building stock much more energy efficient, to guard against overheating, and to deliver buildings that are safe and really work in daily use, as Hywel Davies explains

Fossil futures?

Headlines have focused on Extinction Rebellion protests, teenage activist Greta Thunberg and the UK’s drive to be zero carbon by 2050, but the growing global fossil-fuel market underlines the scale of the challenge, says Hywel Davies

Going off track

As protestors caused chaos in Westminster, Committee on Climate Change witnesses claimed we were way behind with our energy-efficiency policies to meet current carbon dioxide emissions targets. Hywel Davies explain

Method acting

After 15 years of mixed results, the Greater London Authority must take steps to ensure the methodology behind its new London Plan cuts emissions without exacerbating fuel poverty, says Cundall’s Simon Wyatt

Building design: a whole-carbon approach

To promote further understanding of how carbon should be minimised during a building’s lifetime, CIBSE co-hosted sessions at Futurebuild on embodied and operational carbon. Julie Godefroy outlines key outcomes

Back to the future

In February, the CCC gave a detailed analysis of the unreadiness of UK homes to handle climate change, while the Chancellor subsequently announced a new Future Homes Standard. Hywel Davies reports

Countdown to zero – Leti roadmap to zero carbon buildings by 2030

The London Energy Transformation Initiative aims to support the construction of zero carbon buildings by 2030. It is creating a roadmap describing how this can be achieved, and newly crowned CIBSE Building Performance Engineer of the Year Clara Bagenal George says anyone in the industry can get involved