Defining the golden thread

New regulations set out the requirements for providing ‘golden thread’ information about higher-risk buildings, as Hywel Davies explains

Need to know

Since Dame Judith Hackitt first called for higher-risk buildings to have a ‘golden thread’ of information, industry has wanted to know what this will need to include. New regulations tell us more, says Hywel Davies

2022 preview: the clock is ticking

Over the next 12 months, the building services sector will be focusing on net zero targets, while ensuring building occupants are safe from Covid and other risks. Alex Smith looks at the main trends for 2022 and previews the guidance that will ensure CIBSE Members have the competencies to meet the challenge


With the COP26 Glasgow conference fast approaching, CIBSE’s Julie Godefroy outlines the associated events and activities in which the Institution is taking part and supporting, as well as its upcoming guidance