Measuring beyond energy in a school POE

Evidence gathered from a school campus in London shows the lessons that can be learned from a holistic approach to building design and operation, which improves energy performance while ensuring indoor environment quality. By lead author Nishesh Jain, Dr Esfand Burman and Dr Craig Robertson

Hive of activity – agile working design

Agile workplaces that allow staff to choose where they work are making inroads in offices. Liza Young finds out how such spaces will work alongside wellbeing principles

A fresh approach to helping everyone breathe more easily

As occupants become increasingly aware of the effects of the indoor environment on their wellbeing, filtration will become more important in buildings, argue Pete Carvell and Mohamad Tabatabaee, of Battle McCarthy

Desk research – Arup’s desk of the future

Low-cost web technology could give workers full control over their office environment, according to research being carried out by Arup. Andy Pearson takes a seat at the desk of the future