Meaning business: How CIBSE Award winner makes low carbon retrofits pay

When recession hit Ireland in 2008, Lawler Consulting turned to energy-performance contracting to engineer efficiency savings for its grateful clients. Since then, it has enjoyed growth in Ireland and the rest of the world, and this year retained its Consultant of the Year (0-50 employees) crown at the CIBSE Building Performance Awards. Andy Pearson reports

Making data count

Standardising energy data is essential to accurately assess relative building performance. Julie Godefroy compares data from previous CIBSE award winners with the latest energy use targets and introduces a new awards submission form that aims to maximise the value of data

Guide to low loss headers

Achieving hydraulic separation through well-designed low loss headers is key for efficient heating and cooling systems. David Palmer and Baxi Heating’s Ryan Kirkwood provide detailed design guidance, including a recommended system configuration

Key influencers: Saving energy at Parrs Wood High

Students at Parrs Wood High have responded to the climate emergency by making energy savings in their school buildings. Science teacher Chris Baker explains how other schools could replicate the model, which has cut annual carbon emissions by 543 tonnes and energy bills by £106,000

Taking the temperature – domestic hot water

A CIBSE roundtable looked at the potential to reduce carbon through low temperature domestic hot water systems – and whether revised guidance is needed to deliver modern, safe low energy solutions. Phil Lattimore reports