Daikin Applied opens European test centre

Climatic conditions can be set from cool European to hot Middle Eastern regions

Daikin Applied

Daikin Applied Europe now offers a witness-testing service for clients at its new climatic test chamber for cooling-specific applications.

The facility at Cecchina, near Rome, has been independently verified and accredited to test to EN 14511:2013, ISO 9614:2009 and other major recognised European and American HVACR industry standards. The climatic chamber has been approved by the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI).

Tests on air-cooled units for the Eurovent testing campaign are also being conducted in the Daikin facility.

The climatic chamber offers a testing environment with a diverse range of testable units. This includes air- or water-cooled chillers of up to 2,000kW cooling capacity, supporting up to 30 fans. Three test stands dedicated solely to water-cooled chillers allow the testing of units in 2MW, 4MW or 11MW cooling capacities.

Climate conditions can be set from southern European conditions to colder northern regions, with temperatures as low as -15°C. Middle Eastern conditions can also be simulated, up to +52°C.

Combined with an extended voltage and frequency range, the breadth of configuration options offers the flexibility to simulate all applications in heating and cooling modes at full and part load.

The climatic chamber allows free cooling, heat recovery and heat pump tests, multipurpose 4-pipes to 6-pipes units and engineering-grade acoustic testing. The centre also offers testing for glycol-based cooling solutions.

It is available for use from October.