Keeping it clean: award-winning UV-C lighting

The germicidal effects of UV light were discovered in 1877. Now, in the shadow of Covid-19, an application of UV-C is winning plaudits and a CIBSE Building Performance Award. Phil Lattimore reports

Facing up to embodied carbon in façades

Façades account for up to 30% of a building’s embodied carbon, which is why the Centre for Window and Cladding Technology is working to produce a new methodology to bring consistency to life-cycle assessments. Buro Happold’s Teni Ladipo reports

CIBSE awards data: fuller disclosure

CIBSE pioneered the disclosure of building performance data in its awards, giving the industry a unique opportunity to compare and share. Julie Godefroy analyses figures from the 2022 entries and reveals how the process will be refined to provide even more valuable data in the 2023 Building Performance Awards

Technical knockout: the 2022 CIBSE Technical Symposium

The CIBSE Technical Symposium returned as an in-person event for the first time since the Covid pandemic, with delegates given plenty to think about over the two days of technical presentations. Phil Lattimore reports

Clear evidence: applying cleanroom technology to commercial buildings

Cleanroom ventilation systems are used to ensure pathogen-free indoor spaces in life science buildings, but can the technology be used in commercial offices? Clean Air Technologies’ Brendon McManus MCIBSE, Richard Fagg and Steve Robinson put the theory to the test by measuring the clean-up rate in a mock-up of a boardroom

Calculating whole life carbon in heating and cooling systems

To minimise carbon emissions from heating and cooling, the whole life of a system must be taken into account. Hoare Lea’s Will Belfield and Mathew Stark compare three common cooling and heating systems to see which has the lowest impact over a 60-year lifetime

Overheating warning: how Part O aims to address overheating

Approved Document O was published in December, and is aimed at reducing overheating risk in new residential buildings. Inkling’s Susie Diamond says the new regulations have significant implications for the design of such buildings, including homes, student accommodation and care homes