The pressing issue of pipe selection

Developments in multilayer pipe means that it is now increasingly used for applications such as heating systems and drinking water pipework. Here, Scott James, Director at Viega discusses the growth in popularity of multilayer pipe and what engineers need to consider when selecting a system.

Pipework commissioning considerations to prevent corrosion and contamination

The quality of the pipework testing and commissioning process is vital to protect the system and prevent costly and time-consuming remedial work after the fit out is complete. Viega director Scott James looks at the issues to consider and explains why the choice of connection method is so important

The living lab: making data count

Hoare Lea’s Living Lab is exploring how data can be used to optimise buildings for both energy use and the comfort of occupants. Alex Smith takes a glimpse into a smarter future

Judicial renew – replacing heating and cooling at the Old Bailey

Fifty-year-old boilers at the Old Bailey are being replaced under the watchful eye of Lady Justice, in a major 10-year refurbishment. Andy Pearson speaks to the project team about the challenge of replacing heating and cooling without interrupting proceedings in 18 law courts

Reach for the stars – taking a lift into space

An elevator that takes passengers into space may sound like the stuff of fiction, but Dr Bryan E Laubscher’s keynote at the 9th Symposium on Lift and Escalator Technologies reveals that interplanetary travel by lift is rooted in scientific reality