Improving competency and testing for smoke control systems

New accreditation and certification schemes have been launched recently, to improve competency and compliance in the smoke control sector. Alex Smith talks to Allan Hurdle about the industry’s response to the Hackitt report

Maintaining thermal comfort in a changing climate

In a warming climate, what can be done to maintain thermal comfort and productivity levels in buildings without resorting to excessive cooling? Phil Lattimore reports from a CIBSE Health and Wellbeing Group video debate

CIBSE’s guidance on ventilation during Covid-19

Guidance published by CIBSE last month has advice for ventilation and air conditioning systems in the UK amid the ongoing pandemic. Alex Smith summarises guidance aimed at mechanical systems and shares advice from Cushman & Wakefield on operating chillers

The challenge of maintaining Covid-secure buildings

To protect staff from the risk of being infected by Covid-19 as they return to workplaces, buildings managers will have to adopt rigorous maintenance regimes to ensure the virus can’t take hold. Alex Smith finds out why facilities managers will be key to creating Covid-secure buildings

Bridging the gap: gas-fired absorption heat pumps in America

In the US, an abundance of cheap gas and a high carbon intensity for grid electricity compared with Europe is driving a move towards gas-fired heat pumps in small buildings. Tim Dwyer looks at three papers on the technology that were presented at the ASHRAE Winter Conference in Orlando

Intelligence networks: smart grids in Islington and Oxford

Smart energy projects are being piloted in the UK to find out how buildings and infrastructure can be connected intelligently to provide low carbon heat and electricity. Andy Pearson reports on two pilots: GreenSCIES in Islington and Energy Superhub Oxford

Maintaining buildings in lockdown

Buildings left empty by the lockdown must be maintained properly to avoid risks such as legionella, corrosion and mould. Liza Young reports

Making a noise about acoustic design

A new guide addressing issues of noise, ventilation and overheating for homes has been launched by the Association of Noise Consultants. Working group chair Dr Anthony Chilton explains how vital it is to consider the acoustic strategy at the design stage