Sponsored roundtable: cooling for life

Decarbonising cooling involves passive design measures, efficient cooling and a robust approach to refrigeration leakage, according to members of a CIBSE Journal roundtable on whole life cooling, sponsored by Daikin

Life enhancing: improving IAQ with smart systems

Exposure to indoor particulate pollution can significantly affect health over a lifetime. Research by Dr Elizabeth Cooper and Dr Yan Wang suggests that the smart integration of automated windows and home air purifiers could improve average life expectancy by six months

Sensible cooling: avoiding overcooling in buildings

When spaces are cooled to uncomfortable temperatures, negative impacts are seen on people’s health and the environment. Tim Dwyer looks at a new paper that attempts to measure the extent of the issue

The value chain: blockchain in the built environment

Blockchain is fuelling the digitisation of the built environment by providing a secure method of data exchange. IN2 Engineering’s Samreet Singh explores how it could revolutionise the use of BIM, energy microgrids and the circular economy

Facing up to embodied carbon in façades

Façades account for up to 30% of a building’s embodied carbon, which is why the Centre for Window and Cladding Technology is working to produce a new methodology to bring consistency to life-cycle assessments. Buro Happold’s Teni Ladipo reports

CIBSE awards data: fuller disclosure

CIBSE pioneered the disclosure of building performance data in its awards, giving the industry a unique opportunity to compare and share. Julie Godefroy analyses figures from the 2022 entries and reveals how the process will be refined to provide even more valuable data in the 2023 Building Performance Awards