Roundtable: the importance and appropriateness of material selection when specifying pipework

Appropriate material selection for pipework is essential if HVAC systems are to be fully optimised. At a roundtable sponsored by Geberit, experts from across the…

September 2019 Pipework

Case study: One Angel Square, Northampton

Robust modelling and an intelligent redesign enabled BDP to retain natural ventilation in Northamptonshire County Council’s new offices. Andy Pearson finds out how collaborative value…

September 2019

Testing the water – designing the UK’s first Passivhaus swimming pool

The UK’s first Passivhaus swimming pool, currently being developed by Exeter City Council, seeks to halve energy use and create a chemical-free, healthy environment. Andy…

September 2019 Passivhaus
London night skyline CIBSE Journal October 2019 London Energy Map

Completing the picture – London Energy Map

The London Energy Map project tried to provide a clearer picture of building energy use in the capital by analysing the existing dataset. Dora Ma…

September 2019 Monitoring

The Passivhaus that Max Fordham built

Max Fordham’s Passivhaus house features automated insulated shutters, developed to reduce night-time heat losses and to achieve an energy balance between gains and losses on…

August 2019 Passivhaus

Quality as standard: Passivhaus consultant’s winning ways

CIBSE award-winning low energy design consultancy Warm has its roots in Passivhaus, and even put into practice its low-energy expertise by refurbishing its offices to…

August 2019 Housing

Battery technology in UPS systems – VRLA v Li-ion

Although lead-acid batteries are long-established, with a majority market share, lithium-ion is starting to pick up pace. Alex Emms, of Kohler Uninterruptible Power, compares the…

August 2019 Battery storage
CIBSE Journal November 2016 news overheating BSERT

CIBSE seminar: Tackling overheating

Changes to Building Regulations offer a chance to reduce overheating risks, according to speakers at a CIBSE seminar last month

August 2019 Overheating

How digital can streamline concept design

To streamline the concept design stage for building services, four teams took part in a challenge to automate common project workflows. CIBSE’s digital engineering lead…

August 2019 BIM

Opening remarks: guidance on ventilation openings

Designing adequately sized windows for natural ventilation while ensuring occupants' safety is a challenge. Benjamin Jones, Patrick Sharpe and Chris Iddon offer guidance ahead of…

August 2019 Ventilation
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