Upward trend: ventilating buildings to minimise Covid-19 risk

In a summary of his winning paper at the CIBSE Technical Symposium, Ventive’s Tom Lipinski discusses the evidence available for the best methods for ventilating…

September 2021 Air quality

On target: net zero modular homes at zero extra cost

Ilke Homes has vowed to manufacture zero carbon homes at zero additional cost by 2030. Andy Pearson speaks to ilke’s Nigel Banks about the services…

September 2021 Housing

Taking shape: shape memory alloys in air conditioning

A shape memory alloy technology could be a GWP-free, cost-effective successor to vapour compression refrigeration. Liza Young finds out more

September 2021 climate change

Engineering the new normal: Technical Symposium highlights

Striving for net zero while making buildings Covid-secure has been challenging academics and engineers since the virus first appeared. Last month’s CIBSE Technical Symposium was…

Storage beater: compact energy stores

One barrier to heat pumps in smaller homes is the requirement for a large water cylinder to store hot water. Midsummer’s Jez Climas looks at how…

July 2021 heat pumps
Baxi Heating heat pump installation

Pump primer: heat pump installation

CIBSE’s new heat-pump installation guide aims to equip designers, installers and operators with the knowledge to successfully deliver the 300,000 annual installations needed by 2025.…

July 2021 heat pumps

A new era for heat: Queens Quay heat pump

A large-scale ammonia water source heat pump at the Queens Quay heat network in Glasgow promises to decarbonise heat for new and existing buildings. Vital…

July 2021 heat networks

Solar flair: how combined PV and solar thermal technology won a CIBSE product award

Naked Energy’s VirtuPVT technology was a clear winner in the CIBSE Building Performance Awards in the Product or Innovation of the Year – Thermal Comfort…

July 2021 PV/Battery

Evacuation lifts: an alternative escape route

Evacuation lifts have the potential to offer a safe route out of a building. Arup’s Eoin O’Loughlin and Harry Wiles, and Matthew Ryan of The…

July 2021 Fire

Gree’s award-winning net zero carbon cooling solution

Air conditioning giant Gree has been recognised as joint winner of the 2021 Global Cooling Prize for creating an air conditioning prototype with five times…

July 2021 Cooling
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