Heart of the matter: calculating embodied carbon using TM65

Embodied carbon in MEP equipment makes up a large proportion of building emissions, but is hard to measure. Elementa Consulting’s Louise Hamot and Clara Bagenal…

January 2021 Embodied carbon

Advertorial: Pump Technology delivers education, training and specification for Jung Pumpen pumping systems

Pump Technology holds the UK’s largest stock of Jung Pumpen equipment and recently created a new 3D BIM Library

January 2021

Advertorial: Rinnai to set up hydrogen information hub for consultants, specifiers and end-users

The hub will be available online and will offer webinars and digital or onsite meetings

January 2021

Business studies: adapting commercial offices for universities

With office occupation in central London not expected to return to pre-Covid levels, Andy Pearson finds out how space has been repurposed for university students…

December 2020 COVID

Research on indoor air quality for homeworkers

Millions of people now work from home because of Covid-19 restrictions, but are they working in a healthy environment? Researchers have assessed the impact on…

December 2020 Housing

The ambient lighting manifesto

Leading lighting academics Peter Boyce, Kit Cuttle, Kevin Kelly and Peter Raynham are calling for a fundamental change to lighting practice

December 2020 Lighting

One vision: integrating intelligent HVAC

Integrating intelligent HVAC controls could resolve systems conflicts and give facilities managers a powerful online tool to manage their portfolios. Aecom’s Mary-Ann Clarke MCIBSE reports…

December 2020 IT & Controls

Water quality: Locked-down buildings’ ticking time bomb

Water-quality tests reveal deteriorating water conditions in commercial buildings under lockdown. Guardian Water Treatment’s Tom O’ Sullivan says action is needed in underused facilities to avoid…

December 2020 Water

Podcast: How ambient loop systems can help decarbonise heat

Sponsored Podcast: Daikin's Darren Manley speaks to Alex Smith about how ambient loop systems can cut carbon when connected to low carbon heat sources

December 2020

Best practice HVAC controls: ASHRAE Guideline 36

Building controls systems are complex and can be a major obstacle to good performance if they are not specified and commissioned properly. Building Intelligence Group’s…

November 2020 IT & Controls
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