Tunnel vision: the challenge of cooling the London Underground

It carries five million passengers a day and is integral to the smooth running of the capital - but could the Tube also allow developers…

May 2018 Heating

Using cloud-based BIM to design London’s Royal Wharf development

Online-based BIM collaboration is helping to deliver the Royal Wharf development in London’s Docklands, as Phil Lattimore reports

May 2018 BIM

Setting the standard – new BIM guides on security and health and safety

As the layers of BIM standards get more and more complex, it is important to identify the most useful protocols. CIBSE’s Carl Collins examines two…

May 2018 BIM

How catalysts in AHUs can improve indoor air quality

Electrostatic precipitators can stop PM2.5 dust particles from entering buildings, but could create dangerous levels of ozone. Catalysts in AHUs may be the answer, says…

May 2018 Cooling
Thomas Lindner

Becoming ‘the normal one’

Being a team player is important in BIM. Hurley Palmer Flatt’s Thomas Lindner shares his reflections as a post-heroic building information manager

May 2018 BIM
CIBSE Journal June 2018 pipework materials

Water ways – specifying soil and drainage pipes

Is inertia holding us back when it comes to material selection for key products, such as drainage pipes and fittings? Geberit’s Jonathan Briafield weighs up…

May 2018 Pipework
CIBSE Journal June 2018 legionella pipework

Minimising risk of legionella in domestic water services

Good engineering design and client-side control management are key to the successful containment of legionella bacteria. Aecom’s Richard Beattie, Arup’s Damien Kane and Paul Nolan,…

May 2018 Pipework

Sound advice – taking external noise into account when ventilating buildings

Ventilation strategies relying on residents opening windows falter if there is too much external noise. Anthony Chilton reports on a new guide designed to balance…

May 2018 Acoustics

Motorway services – controlling external noise in naturally ventilated homes

A desire for naturally ventilated homes on the North West Cambridge development was threatened by noise from the M11. Apex Acoustics’ Nick Conlan explains how…

May 2018 Ventilation

How the F-gas regulations are disrupting the cooling industry

The soaring price of refrigerant gas is leading to an outbreak of unsafe and illegal practices, writes Ewen Rose

May 2018 Cooling
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