A plan for all seasons: aquifer thermal energy storage

Seasonal thermal storage has the potential for significant carbon savings, but there are few examples in the UK. Alex Smith speaks to Belgium firm IFTech…

January 2023 energy network

Lighting the way: TM66 and a manufacturer’s circular challenge

CIBSE’s TM66 CEAM-Make guides manufacturers through CE requirements for lighting equipment and helps specifiers understand what they need to look for. Dave Hollingsbee, of Stoane…

January 2023 circular

The night-time blues: the impact of white LEDs on light pollution

Light pollution is about way more than too much light, as Iain Macrae FSLL MCIBSE explains

December 2022 light pollution

Generation gains: designing a 5th generation energy network in central London

Bankside Yards is set to become the UK’s first major mixed-use regeneration project with zero emissions in operation. Phil Lattimore looks at the fifth-generation ambient energy network…

December 2022 Cooling

Lighting the way for low energy illumination

Despite the prevalence of LEDs, lighting still makes up a substantial proportion of energy use in buildings. Guests at the latest CIBSE Journal roundtable discussed…

November 2022 Lighting

Calculating indoor infection risk

To understand how ventilation reduces Covid transmission it is important to look at the level of risk as the number of building occupants increases, says…

October 2022 COVID

The impact of thermal bypasses on building performance

Often slipping under the radar in building design, thermal bypass can result in major energy performance gaps. Leap's Mark Siddall discusses measures to mitigate this problem

October 2022 energy efficiency

How changing office densities could affect office design

A revision to the BCO guide to fit-out comes after changes to office use in a post-pandemic world. The ramifications for future office design are…

October 2022 Offices

Monitoring the situation: cost effective remote water quality testing

By monitoring water quality remotely, expensive remedial works can be avoided. FairHeat’s Peter Horne looks at the costs of keeping a close eye on district…

September 2022 heat networks

Sponsored roundtable: cooling for life

Decarbonising cooling involves passive design measures, efficient cooling and a robust approach to refrigeration leakage, according to members of a CIBSE Journal roundtable on whole…

September 2022 Cooling
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