Unlocking the potential of heat networks

The rollout of heat networks are a key plank of the government’s Heat and Buildings Strategy. To identify the urban areas most suitable for networks,…

October 2021 Heating

Designing efficient hybrid heat pump systems

Considering the optimal operational design conditions of both technologies is essential to maximise the efficiency of a hybrid heat pump system. Baxi Heating’s Ryan Kirkwood…

October 2021 Heating

Rethinking the fan coil

The Artus hybrid air conditioning unit is only 200mm deep, yet it achieves energy savings of 83% over conventional fan coil units thanks to patented…

October 2021 Cooling

Making building performance visible

Making building performance visible is the aim of a new tool that tracks the impact of design changes on energy intensity and cost. Roderic Bunn…

September 2021

Saving energy at a stroke in leisure centre swimming pools

Improved insulation in wet leisure centres not only cuts heat loss through walls and windows, but also allows swimming pools to operate at a higher relative…

September 2021

Arc detection devices: fault-finding mission

Arc fault detection devices have been recommended in wiring regulations since 2019. Based on his own experiments, Hoare Lea’s Kenelm Hoare MCIBSE looks at the…

September 2021 Electrical

The art of illumination in museums and galleries

LEDs and the internet of things have transformed specification in the lighting industry, and this has been reflected in the updated Lighting Guide 8 –…

September 2021

A novel approach: air cleaning devices

A new CIBSE guide aims to equip specifiers and facilities managers with the knowledge to safely and effectively select air cleaners. Cundall’s Ed Wealend summarises…

September 2021 Air quality

Upward trend: ventilating buildings to minimise Covid-19 risk

In a summary of his winning paper at the CIBSE Technical Symposium, Ventive’s Tom Lipinski discusses the evidence available for the best methods for ventilating…

September 2021 Air quality

Taking shape: shape memory alloys in air conditioning

A shape memory alloy technology could be a GWP-free, cost-effective successor to vapour compression refrigeration. Liza Young finds out more

September 2021 climate change
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