Shades of the past – a low carbon masterplan for Oman city

Madinat Al Irfan, in Oman, is set to redefine sustainable design in the Middle East. Alex Smith talks to the masterplanners behind a city aiming to halve energy and water use by allying smart building with traditional Omani design principles

How a National Trust blog inspired a low-carbon network

A network of companies and not-for-profit organisations has is slashing energy bills by sharing ideas and innovation. Andy Pearson looks at how a blog on heating historic buildings turned into the Fit for the Future forum

Performance boost

A new toolkit aims to reduce the performance gap by sharing forensic analysis of a live housebuilding site, says Bioregional’s Douglas Drewniak

Women making a landmark contribution

Exemplar projects with key roles for females help improve engineering’s gender bias. Ahead of International Women in Engineering Day, Andrew Brister talks to three women who are helping deliver a new ‘statement’ building for the London School of Economics