Ambient Lighting Manifesto: the response

In December, CIBSE Journal published an ‘ambient lighting manifesto’, written by four highly respected lighting academics who are calling for a paradigm shift in lighting practice. Here, we print a summary of reactions to the document from leading members of the profession, whose responses can be read in full on our website

The ambient lighting manifesto

Leading lighting academics Peter Boyce, Kit Cuttle, Kevin Kelly and Peter Raynham are calling for a fundamental change to lighting practice

Daylight modelling: A new frame of reference

A radical new daylight-modelling schema allows the view from openings to become a material factor in the evaluation of building designs. John Mardaljevic looks at a fundamental change for lighting designers

Leading light: ensuring effective use of UV technology in buildings

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation has been used for many years to mitigate the spread of measles and tuberculosis. It can effectively inactivate the Covid-19 virus too, but a lack of guidelines makes modelling the equipment a complex task. Liza Young reports

Tuning into the body clock: spectrally tunable lighting systems

For the first time in a real office setting, a study has been carried out into the impact of a dynamic, spectrally tunable lighting system on the wellbeing of its occupants. Rohit Manudhane outlines the aims, methodology and initial conclusions of the research