Bundles of energy: the platform approach to decarbonising schools

The Department for Education is exploring how it can apply platform construction principles to create an innovative retrofit solution that can decarbonise schools and colleges, and facilities in other sectors. Andy Pearson reports on the energy pod concept

Hybrid heat pumps: a step in the right direction

With 23 million homes still using gas boilers, Liv Stokes argues that hybrid systems featuring heat pumps and top-up gas boilers could provide a stepping stone for the decarbonisation of heat

The dash from gas: converting schools from gas to heat pumps

With the need to switch from fossil fuels to renewables becoming ever more pressing, one heat pump retrofit schools project in Yorkshire could be the example to follow. Phil Lattimore looks at the project funded by the government’s Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme

Case study: St John’s College, Oxford, Library and Study Centre

Max Fordham’s design for the Library and Study Centre at St John’s College, Oxford, is a worthy winner of the CIBSE Champion of Champions title. Andy Pearson looks at an all-electric services design that provides comfort while targeting net zero emissions

Radical departure? Retrofitting for heat pumps

With the pressure on homeowners to replace domestic gas boilers with heat pumps, it is essential that engineers ensure that existing radiators and pipework are suitable for the lower-temperature heat source. David Palmer looks at the key considerations when upgrading a heating system

Turning to CO2 refrigerant in large-scale retrofits

Using CO2 as a refrigerant in heat pumps is ideal for retrofits requiring higher-temperature heat. Daniel Clark, of Isentra, reports on the refurbishment of Wolfson College, which is using heat pumps for district heating and DHW

Next generation: Arup’s net zero office at 80 Charlotte Street

Arup’s all-electric office at 80 Charlotte Street London is developer Derwent London’s first net zero office scheme. Andy Pearson examines the heat and cooling strategy that combines heat pumps and chillers, and looks at how Covid affected the design and delivery of the project