Formula for success: Sizing heat pumps in hybrid energy centres

Reducing the size of heat pumps in hybrid energy centres can cut carbon and capital costs dramatically – but what ratio of heat should they supply? Research by FairHeat’s Ellie Hiscock used hourly load modelling to come up with a rule of thumb for the optimal heat ratios for heat pumps and thermal storage with electric boilers

Taking the waters: recovering heat from the Roman Baths

Heat from Bath’s hot springs is being used to warm surrounding buildings including the new Clore Learning Centre. Andy Pearson finds out how Buro Happold extracting heat from the mineral-rich waters of the Roman Baths

Arriving on Platform G: Google’s new King’s Cross office

Google’s landmark ‘Platform G’ office development will be arriving in King’s Cross, London in 2024. Andy Pearson talks
to building services consultant Atelier Ten to find out how a BIM model was used to coordinate the highly innovative buildings services design along its 330-metre length

Switching to propane: reducing charge in a propane heat pump

Propane’s low GWP is making it an increasingly attractive alternative to refrigerants restricted by the F-gas Regulations. Tim Dwyer tracks the growth of propane and looks at the L150 initiative in Germany that is aiming to reduce the charge in a propane refrigerant circuit

Case study: targeting UK’s highest Nabers rating in Pimlico

The Belgrave Road office development in London is the first to receive a Nabers UK 5.5 target rating for its carefully considered design. Andy Pearson finds out how the rating scheme’s independent design review process drove down operational energy use on the hybrid ambient loop/variable refrigerant flow scheme

Commercial heat pumps: ‘The default solution’

While heat pumps are becoming more common in many building sectors, there are still issues to overcome before they become mainstream in the UK. Amanda Birch reports on CIBSE Journal’s latest roundtable, which considers the benefits and barriers of widescale adoption of heat pumps in commercial buildings

Bundles of energy: the platform approach to decarbonising schools

The Department for Education is exploring how it can apply platform construction principles to create an innovative retrofit solution that can decarbonise schools and colleges, and facilities in other sectors. Andy Pearson reports on the energy pod concept