Oversizing matters: Effect of boiler oversizing on efficiency

With energy prices soaring and carbon reduction a priority, ensuring heating systems are specified to operate as efficiently as possible is essential. In this article, based on their CIBSE Carter Bronze Medal-winning paper, Dr George Bennett and Dr Cliff Elwell explain the impact on energy use and comfort of oversizing boilers – and how correct sizing can boost efficiency

Leading the heat revolution: Interview with Karen Boswell

Karen Boswell OBE joined Baxi Heating as managing director during a time of significant change for the heating industry. She tells Alex Smith how the boiler manufacturer plans to lead the transition to low carbon heating and become carbon neutral by 2030

Bridging the gap: gas-fired absorption heat pumps in America

In the US, an abundance of cheap gas and a high carbon intensity for grid electricity compared with Europe is driving a move towards gas-fired heat pumps in small buildings. Tim Dwyer looks at three papers on the technology that were presented at the ASHRAE Winter Conference in Orlando

Fuel for thought – prototype hydrogen gas boilers

Worcester Bosch and Baxi Heating have revealed plans for hydrogen gas boilers. Phil Lattimore looks at the technology, while Worcester Bosch’s Martyn Bridges explains where he thinks hydrogen can replace natural gas

A condensing guide to CHP efficiency

CHP can offer savings in applications with high, constant heat demand, but how designers integrate it will impact on the benefits. Remeha’s Ryan Kirkwood considers the options in the first of a two-part series