REHVA updates Covid-19 document

Revised guidance on protecting buildings published

Credit: – Smartboy10/Lisa-Blue 

A second version of REHVA’s guidance on protecting buildings from Covid-19 has been published, following industry feedback and the publication of new papers.

The guidance states that SARS-CoV-2 remains active for up to three hours in indoor air and two-to-three days on room surfaces at common indoor conditions.

Atze Boerstra, vice-president at REHVA, said: ‘A recent review of the scientific literature led to our conclusion that you can’t exclude the possibility that the virus could be transmitted through the air over longer distances (via aerosols). That is why we suggest the precautionary principle in buildings that are still occupied.’

The guidance focuses on easy-to-implement measures in existing buildings with normal occupancy rates over the next few months in Europe.

Recommendations apply to buildings other than healthcare facilities operating in a European springtime climate.

Advice has been updated on rotary heat exchangers. It says they should be left on to ensure high ventilation rates, but recommends inspecting heat recovery equipment to ensure there are no air leakages from the extract to supply side.

The guidance recommends that buildings vacated because of the pandemic should operate ventilation continuously at reduced speed.

The latest guidance is available here and includes a 14-point summary of practical measures.