Going up in the world – Harrods’ new grand entrance hall

The design for Harrods’ new grand entrance hall features a network of escalators under a glazed dome

The design for Harrods’ new grand entrance hall, featuring a network of escalators, has been inspired by the rich history of this iconic London store.

Make Architects embarked on the design by peeling away layers of successive refurbishments to reveal the original 1939 hall, with its sinuous lines and fine metalwork.

E+M Tecnica is the building services consultant on the project, Nulty+ the lighting designer, and WSP the vertical transporation and structural engineers.

Behind false walls, the design team discovered original panelling, lighting and windows, which have been retained to set the scale and proportion for the new hall.

The new ribbed and fluted nickel-bronze escalators and chandeliers – and the intricate woven metalwork – have been made locally. Crowning off the hall is a new glazed dome that floods the space with natural light.