‘Get a move on’ with energy storage and demand response, ministers told

Ministers urged to send a ‘clear signal’ that demand response is a preferred option to diesel generation plants

CIBSE Journal November 2016 news turner energy storage

1MW 4MWh Turner Energy Storage project in Pullman, Washington. Credit: UniEnergy Technologies

The UK government has been advised to give as much support as possible to energy storage and demand-response innovation, at the expense of new power generation.

In the final report produced by the Energy and Climate Change Committee (ECC), ministers were urged to redesign the UK’s Capacity Market to send out a ‘clear signal’ that demand response is a preferred option to diesel generation plants. They were also advised to remove the regulatory barriers faced by energy storage quickly.

‘The government must get a move on and encourage the energy market to embrace smart technological solutions such as energy storage and demand-side response,’ said Angus MacNeil, chair of the committee, which has now been disbanded following the closure of the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

‘There is an incredible opportunity for the UK to become a world leader in these disruptive technologies. Yet our current energy security subsidies favour dirty diesel generation over smart, new, clean tech solutions,’ he added.

‘Getting demand response right will empower consumers, reduce bills, ease pressure on the grid, and lower carbon dioxide emissions.

‘Energy storage is a vital keystone in building a clean electricity system. It will mean we won’t have to wait for the sun to shine or the wind to blow to get our energy from renewables.’