Tracking the gap

The performance gap cannot be closed until designers and main contractors plot the emerging energy and emissions profile of their projects, says Dr Roderic Bunn, who introduces a new tool that aims to do just that

Making a case

The Health and Safety Executive has published guidance on the safety case principles for high-rise residential buildings set out in the Building Safety Bill, and how to prepare for them. Hywel Davies considers the implications

What does zero mean?

The industry needs a clear set of definitions for buildings, and CIBSE Members have two opportunities to have their say, as Julie Godefroy explains

Safety first

The CIBSE BSER&T journal is seeking paper abstracts for a special issue on fire safety, as honorary special issue editor Professor José Torero, of UCL, explains

Above and beyond: Heat network pipework design

Implementing innovative approaches to pipework routing, such as above-ground distribution planters, will be critical in future urban energy networks, says GreenSCIES’ Dr Akos Revesz, in a paper presented at the 2021 Technical Symposium

Engineering the new normal: Technical Symposium highlights

Striving for net zero while making buildings Covid-secure has been challenging academics and engineers since the virus first appeared. Last month’s CIBSE Technical Symposium was an opportunity to share experiences in two days of live sessions discussing 64 papers. Alex Smith, Liza Young and Phil Lattimore report

Net zero and Covid resilience

Improving the building fabric will allow for higher ventilation rates to minimise Covid-19 risk even in cold weather, says Dr Shaun Fitzgerald

Storage beater: compact energy stores

One barrier to heat pumps in smaller homes is the requirement for a large water cylinder to store hot water. Midsummer’s Jez Climas looks at how compact thermal-energy storage systems could solve the problem

Pump primer: heat pump installation

CIBSE’s new heat-pump installation guide aims to equip designers, installers and operators with the knowledge to successfully deliver the 300,000 annual installations needed by 2025. Arup’s Joshua Bird summarises AM16