Model answer

Recent press criticism of modelling has been unfair, say Susie Diamond and Dr Claire Das Bhaumik, but they suggest there is room for improvement

The value of EPC ratings

With Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards imminent, EPCs will take on added value. Hywel Davies looks at how to avoid inaccurate ratings

A class apart – students design school for Africa

Students at King Ecgbert School in Sheffield have won a challenge to design a community school in Uganda, by focusing on the needs of the local children. Andy Pearson explains how the industry-backed Class of Your Own initiative ignited a passion for building design and engineering among 13- and 14-year-olds

Primary evidence – primary schools from 1976 and 2016 go head-to-head

School design has changed fundamentally over the past 40 years, but have results improved in terms of energy use? IES’ Colin Rees models two primary schools from 1976 and 2016 to find out what impact advances in materials, systems and IT have had on energy consumption

Concerted effort: inspiring the next generation of services engineers

When STEM ambassador Charity Nicholls mentioned ‘building services engineering’ to a class of pupils, she was met with a sea of blank faces. In response she created a virtual rock venue and, with the help of Google’s 3D glasses, brought the profession to life

The balance of power – modelling a microgrid in Durban, South Africa

Smart grids offer the potential for buildings to generate and store power for future use. Mike Barker MCIBSE, of BuildingPhysics, says it will be the job of engineers to calculate the optimum level of renewables for a building to be profitable. He considers the economic viability of incorporating a microgrid at the Durban International Convention Centre in South Africa

Down to zero – winner of Ashrae modelling competition

An ASHRAE competition pitched teams of industry practitioners against each other to come up with the best model of a zero-net energy building. ‘Team IES’ won Best Energy Use and the firm’s Liam Buckley, who coached the team, describes the winning project