Smart homes, zero bills: Octopus Energy’s scheme for housebuilders

Octopus Energy is offering a partnership with housebuilders that guarantees zero energy bills for occupiers using its Kraken technology platform. Andy Pearson speaks to Nigel Banks about the company’s first pilot and a 200-home scheme planned with Bellway Homes

Volumetric’s award-winning Modulhaus housing for the homeless

Recognised by the CIBSE Building Performance Awards, the Volumetric Modulhaus project revolutionises temporary housing solutions for the homeless through a unique blend of innovation, sustainability, and societal concern. Andy Pearson reports

Tightening up: TM23 Testing building for air leakage

The latest update to the Building Regulations includes reference to a new CIBSE TM23 guide on airtightness testing. Julie Godefroy reviews the new TM, which includes a new approved air testing methodology, and considers the impact of the changes

On target: net zero modular homes at zero extra cost

Ilke Homes has vowed to manufacture zero carbon homes at zero additional cost by 2030. Andy Pearson speaks to ilke’s Nigel Banks about the services strategy and the manufacturing efficiencies that will enable it to hit its goals

Research on indoor air quality for homeworkers

Millions of people now work from home because of Covid-19 restrictions, but are they working in a healthy environment? Researchers have assessed the impact on indoor air quality in eight homes. Anastasia Mylona reports

Get the house in order

After the submission of the Part L and Future Homes Standard response, CIBSE’s Julie Godefroy outlines the next steps for housing policy

What is the most efficient system for heating zero carbon homes?

What is the most effective way of heating our future zero carbon homes? Chris Twinn has been researching the issue for five years and has found that standalone ‘autonomous’ heat recovery systems offer the most benefits when considering high-density homes