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Need to get pumped up about District Energy?

There is a growing interest in district energy…

February 2017 District energy

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Smart HVAC systems for lower energy, better well-being and better control

This project-focused webinar will explore how innovative HVAC…

October 2016 Refurbishment
Crystal Tower

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See into the future of large-scale building systems design

This webinar will explore future influences on building…

September 2016
Hybrid VFR Branch Controller

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How to avoid the need for VRF leak detection

How standards and regulations will affect the design…

March 2016
Grundfos TPs with frequency inverters

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Efficient pumping in heating and cooling applications

Webinar looks at designing pump systems to minimise…

January 2016

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Pump systems – how much intelligence can you build in?

View the CIBSE Journal webinar from 29 September…

October 2015 Cooling

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Risk and rewards in future HVAC system design

View the CIBSE Journal webinar from 23 June…

June 2015

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Intelligent design and control – getting the best out of pump systems

View the CIBSE Journal webinar from 27 November…

November 2014