Daylight modelling: A new frame of reference

A radical new daylight-modelling schema allows the view from openings to become a material factor in the evaluation of building designs. John Mardaljevic looks at a fundamental change for lighting designers

Book review: The Architecture of Natural Cooling by Brian Ford

Brian Ford’s The Architecture of Natural Cooling gives guidance on implementing a collaborative approach to design, and explains the creative application of building physics. London South Bank University’s Andy Ford reviews the contents

Sizing the opportunity

Oversizing of HVAC systems is a £224bn problem globally, according to a joint study by Autodesk and the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI).1 This found that using traditional static-load and rule-of-thumb approaches to system sizing can result in a 50% oversizing of systems.2 This reduces occupiable space, raises capital and operating costs, and decreases occupant comfort. […]

Be open and supportive in post-Brexit Britain

As the UK formally leaves the EU, Dorte Rich Jørgensen MCIBSE reflects on her difficulty in applying for British citizenship and calls on industry to sign the #ConstructionisOpen pledge in support of EU nationals in the UK

What is the most efficient system for heating zero carbon homes?

What is the most effective way of heating our future zero carbon homes? Chris Twinn has been researching the issue for five years and has found that standalone ‘autonomous’ heat recovery systems offer the most benefits when considering high-density homes