No time to lose – Build2Perform highlights

There was a sense of urgency at the fifth Build2Perform Live, as industry discussed how to respond to the climate emergency and accelerate the move towards zero carbon buildings. Liza Young and Alex Smith share their highlights

Down to zero – predictions for the year ahead

The government has set a ‘net zero by 2050’ target, but many industry professionals have committed to achieving this by 2030. We asked five experts what they are looking forward to in 2020, and what the priority will be to ensure we’re on the path to zero carbon

Climate action: what CIBSE is doing

The Institution has started mapping its activities around climate change, to allow members and others to understand and access the work being done. Julie Godefroy breaks down the main areas of action

What are the alternatives to gas boilers?

To meet future government targets on greenhouse gas emissions, we need to start thinking about reducing natural gas use now, says LEDA’s Matthew Hill

Unregulated energy – why we should care

There are many complexities and risks involved in predicting total operational energy – in particular, the unregulated element. Even so, WSP’s Kate Dougherty says it is our duty to assist and educate our clients