Testing the water – tackling corrosion in pipework

Unseen corrosion in pipework can have a huge effect on the efficiency of heating and cooling systems. Continual monitoring of water quality helps identify issues at an early stage and helps maximise HVAC performance, says Hevasure’s Steve Munn

Exposing the underground

The mass of underground services buried beneath our streets is a major hurdle to creating smart, resilient cities, say Nicole Metje and Dexter Hunt, who consider sustainable methods of managing 4 million km of buried infrastructure in the UK

For those about to dock

The installation of PV panels means more UK homes are moving from AC to DC generation. This makes electrical distribution more efficient, says Ian Billington, since most electricity demand in households – such as LEDs, digital devices and, in future, electric cars – are DC loads

Florence Nightingale: nurse and building engineer

The Lady with the Lamp was one of the first to recognise the importance of air quality in the treatment of hospital patients, and her recommendations on ventilation rates are similar to today’s CIBSE guidance, says SE Controls’ Chris Iddon