The latest learning

Module 44: Assuring the performance of fire dampers in buildings

This module covers the evolution in, and application of, legislation and standards for fire dampers to ensure effective…

September 2012 Fire

Module 43: Condensing, continuous flow hot water heaters

This module considers the role of condensing continuous flow hot water heating in helping to reduce carbon emissions,…

August 2012 Heating

Module 42: Preventing Legionnaires’ disease in building services

This module considers the issue of Legionnaires’ disease and how, by adopting good procedures, it can be readily…

July 2012

Module 41: Power quality for building electrical supplies

This CPD module looks at the principles of power factor and power quality on buildings

June 2012 Electrical

Module 40: Solar thermal continues to rise

This module considers the case for installing solar thermal heating system technology

May 2012 Heating

Module 39: Cooling options for data centres

This module considers the low energy cooling options currently available to help reduce the energy consumption and carbon…

April 2012 Cooling