Trio of new titles published by Institution

Three publications to assist engineers in building design and management

CIBSE has recently published three new titles – available to download for free to CIBSE members – on building in cold climates, competency in facilities management and variable refrigerant flow air conditioning.

The new publication Buildings for extreme environments: Cold climates is the last of a three-part series reflecting different climate zones, with the other publications covering arid and tropical climates.

With an ever-increasing number of our members working on international projects, or based in locations unfamiliar to them, these documents offer an introduction and give information upon which reasoned judgements may be made or lead to further research being undertaken in support of their professional duties.

KS21 Competency and competency management systems in facilities management focuses on the management of building engineering systems in operational buildings.

Management of our existing building stock is suffering from a decline in skilled staff entering the industry. Legislation calls for competent persons to manage risk, but the term competence is rarely clearly defined, creating a corporate dilemma.

The organisation retains responsibility, and needs to be able to demonstrate its compliance, and competent staff are required to do this. The aim is to demonstrate how to review and apply effective management of competency, which is scalable to any size of organisation.

The KS was prepared by a sub-group of the CIBSE Maintenance Task Group, in association with the CIBSE Facilities Management Group.

The Guide to variable refrigerant flow (VRF) air conditioning has been co-produced by CIBSE and the Institute of Refrigeration (IoR).

Manufacturers provide assistance by publishing comprehensive engineering documents and software for their products and systems, but design engineers need to understand the principles of how they work, how to select the best match of indoor and outdoor units, how to size and design refrigerant distribution systems and how the systems can be best commissioned, operated and maintained.

Specifically, the publication offers: an understanding of the technology and its applications; explanations of the differences between VRF and alternative technologies; information on the availability and comparability of systems; information on calculations; and guidance on achieving energy efficient systems; and information on maintenance, training and resources.

Copies of all publications can be found on the CIBSE Knowledge Portal at