New code published for groundwater source heat pumps

CP3 offers guidance on harnessing energy from well and mine water

CIBSE Journal June 2019 pump code of practice

A new Code of Practice, offering guidance on harnessing energy from water in the ground for heating and cooling has just been published.

Titled, CP3 Open-loop groundwater source heat pumps: Code of Practice for the UK, the publication aims to raise standards across the groundwater  source heat pump supply chain and encourage the adoption of the  technology.

The code has been produced as a joint project between the CIBSE and the Ground Source Heat Pump Association (GSHPA) with the backing of the Heat Pump Association (HPA) and has been supported by BEIS.

This code can also be included in the tendering/contracting process to specify minimum requirements for a project. Its adoption by developers could be used to give assurance to customers and property purchasers that their GWSHP scheme has followed a set of design, installation and commissioning standards.

CIBSE, GSHPA and HPA are also working to develop compliance checklists and training to ensure the skills necessary to implement the code are available across the sector.

The draft of this Code of Practice was prepared by a consortium led by Themba Technology Ltd. under contract to CIBSE and in association with HPA and GSHPA.

CP3 Open-loop groundwater source heat pumps: Code of Practice for the UK is available on the CIBSE Knowledge Portal at Hard copies are £20 for members and £40 standard, and £25 for PDF.