Air quality group looks to clean up

Group to inform CIBSE activities and guidance on air quality

A new working group on air quality, formed by CIBSE, was announced on 21 June to mark Clean Air Day.

The group will inform CIBSE activities and guidance on air quality, through events, publications, policy, research, and collaboration with other parties.

Areas of interest range from design, construction, and operation, and are expected to include: indoor air quality (IAQ) standards; IAQ monitoring, procedures and equipment; improving IAQ, including materials, ventilation, filtration and advanced innovative methods; and improving outdoor air quality – for example, through equipment selection, and urban planning for a low-impact built environment.

The group will collaborate with other parties and CIBSE groups – such as Resilient Cities and HVAC – on areas of shared interest.

It consists of CIBSE members and professionals from practice and academia, and will benefit from cross-disciplinary expertise, including that of public health specialists, architects, and external air quality consultants.

The group’s first activities will be to put together the air quality session at Build2Perform, in November, and to prepare the CIBSE response to the latest Defra consultation on air quality, which closes on 14 August. More details are available here.