Heating Cambridge’s all-electric Entopia Building

The heating demands of a 1930s Cambridge University building will be reduced to a minimum in a deep energy retrofit that will enable a small, all-air primary heating system to be installed, as
Liza Young reports

Case study: The House at Cornell Tech

The House at Cornell Tech is CIBSE’s 2021 Public Use Project of the Year. Andy Pearson spoke to Buro Happold to find out how an integrated approach to building services and façade design proved that highly insulated, airtight buildings can be delivered at scale

What’s the plan?

There is insufficient ambition for new buildings in 2025, says CIBSE’s Julie Godefroy, who also questions the plan for the existing stock

Changing the system

New chief inspector of buildings Peter Baker will have extensive regulatory powers to ensure building safety

CIBSE’S essential travel guide

CIBSE Guide D: 2020 Transportation systems in buildings includes the latest in vertical transportation, including ropeless lifts and accessibility for older people. Dr Gina Barney HonFCIBSE and Adam Scott FCIBSE summarise its content

Locked in

We are all familiar with lockdown and the delay between taking action and seeing evidence of the effect of that action. Hywel Davies considers how that delay is multiplied by years when we look to reduce carbon emissions

Smart hot water tanks at the heart of the energy transition

Hot water tanks have the potential to store renewable energy, balance the electricity grid, and reduce carbon emissions and utility bills. Alex Smith speaks to Mixergy to find out how the hot water cylinder has the potential to become the smartest technology in the home