Risk and rewards in future HVAC system design

View the CIBSE Journal webinar from 23 June 2015


Building services is typically a risk-averse industry – and with good reason. But sometimes risk avoidance tactics, such as oversizing a system or using the same tried and trusted refrigerants, actually have unintended negative consequences, such as loss of performance efficiency and needlessenergy consumption.

This CPD webinar, sponsored by Daikin UK, assesses the risks and rewards involved in HVAC system design to optimise system performance. It looks at best practice in system sizing and the latest refrigerant options to help meet current and future legislation, maximise energy efficiency and deliver the highest levels of comfort to building users.

Topics that will be covered in this webinar include:

• System Sizing
• Future Refrigerants
• Impacts of future legislation
• Actual energy consumed
• Efficiency implications
• Cost benefits
• End User Comfort

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