Get in touch with CIBSE YEN in your region

Joining a CIBSE Young Engineers Network Society or Region is the perfect way to network with fellow professionals and keep abreast of the latest rules and innovations. To get involved get in touch with one of the YEN chairs featured here, or contact YEN

Get in touch with a Region or Society chair in the list below via LinkedIn or contact CIBSE YEN at contact Some Regions and Societies also have Facebook page and group emails which are also included below.

Global YEN

Global chair: Gemma Taylor
Energy, carbon and performance lead, Department for Education
Why YEN? It gives my profession purpose. YEN gives me the courage to change how I want to see the world and be myself. It also enables me to pay forward the support I’ve received in my career. 
Twitter @GTaylor_BEng

Global vice-chair: Erato Vasileiou
Sustainability and net zero carbon consultant at Faithful+Gould
Why YEN? Networking, enhance my competencies, share knowledge, inspire and get inspired by great professionals.
Twitter @EratoVasileiou

CIBSE Global YEN/YEA Liaison: Jake Lenahan
Mechanical engineer at Stantec
Why YEN? Networking, expanding knowledge, and getting involved in STEM and supporting graduates

Immediate past chair: Rebecca Michaelsen
Patrons rep: Jennifer Cox
Educational outreach: Ruth Tatanga

YEN Societies

YEN Society of Public Health Engineers (SoPHE)

Chair Joe Russell
Public health engineer for WSP UK
Why YEN? To further the knowledge of public health design among the YEN and higher education students.
Twitter @The_SoPHE

YEPG – Young Energy Performance Group 

Gavin Lane, YEPG chair
Energy performance consultant at Carbon Intelligence
Why YEN? To meet like-minded people, share best practice in sustainable
design and building operation, and promote sustainability career
paths in building services
Twitter @CIBSEyepg

The SLL says it is looking to establish a Young Lighters groups soon

YEN roles available

There are currently Global roles available for a secretary and social media coordinator as well as general roles in the regional and society committees

YEN Regions

Matthew Bell, Yorkshire chair
Senior project engineer at Wares Construction
Why YEN?
To expedite my learning through networking and technical events, and further my professional competencies with a view to gaining chartership

Louise Gifford, North East chair
Mechanical engineer at Link MEP consulting engineers
Why YEN?
To help ensure building services careers continue to prosper in the North East and help increase the presence of CIBSE YEN in local schools and colleges
Facebook: Cibse Yen North East

Jordan Glasgow, Northern Ireland chair
Senior associate at Semple McKillop
Why YEN?
For networking and gaining insight into industry standards and documentation

Jack Kenny West Midlands chair
Electrical engineer at ESC UK
Why YEN?
To showcase building services to a younger audience and promote access into this career through apprenticeships and company sponsorship
Twitter @CIBSEWM

Ryan Loney, Republic of Ireland chair
Senior mechanical engineer at Callaghan | RED
Why YEN?
Networking and gaining insight into development of industry standards and documentation

Biatur Mandia, North West chair
Application support engineer at Rinnai UK
Why YEN?
To shape and infl uence CIBSE, but also for networking and fun

Fahim Mohammad Ashraf, UAE chair
Senior mechanical engineer at Aurecon/Zutari
Why YEN?
Networking with people in different areas of the industry and keeping up to date with the latest CIBSE codes and Guides.
Twitter @yenuae

Joseff Morris, South Wales chair
Principal mechanical engineer, WSP UK
Why YEN?
To meet and converse with like-minded, early career professionals who are facing modern-day engineering challenges

Jerrin Pius, Australia and New Zealand, NZ chair
Why YEN?

For networking, getting insight into development of standards and best practice, and promoting building services to university students.

Beverley Quinn, Scotland chair
Indoor environment and sustainability lead for the Department of Education
Why YEN?
To exchange experiences with others, promote STEM and enhance my knowledge and expertise

Nirodha Siriwardena, Australia & New Zealand chair
Interior teams lead, Norman Disney and Young
Why YEN?
Networking, learning about what is happening, and helping develop the next generation of building services engineers

Liv Stokes, Southern chair
Mechanical and energy engineer at GLJ Design
Why YEN?
For connecting with other young engineers

Amr Suliman, East Midlands chair
PhD researcher at Loughborough University
Why YEN?
For personal development, networking and disseminating and sharing my work

Ruth Tatanga, London chair
Senior mechanical engineer for Waterman Group
Why YEN?
To grow my network when I moved to the UK
Twitter @CIBSEYENLondon

Clara Torre, South West
Mechanical engineer at Buro Happold
Why YEN?
To work with and meet like-minded people, and promote the industry with the purpose of improving it through better collaboration

Phyllis Wong, Hong Kong chair
Assistant customer strategy manager at The Hongkong Electric Co
Why YEN?
Making industry connections, developing soft skills, and organising activities withinYEN.