Calculating indoor infection risk

To understand how ventilation reduces Covid transmission it is important to look at the level of risk as the number of building occupants increases, says Chris Iddon, who introduces a methodology that addresses the difference in personal and population risk

Clear evidence: applying cleanroom technology to commercial buildings

Cleanroom ventilation systems are used to ensure pathogen-free indoor spaces in life science buildings, but can the technology be used in commercial offices? Clean Air Technologies’ Brendon McManus MCIBSE, Richard Fagg and Steve Robinson put the theory to the test by measuring the clean-up rate in a mock-up of a boardroom

2022 preview: the clock is ticking

Over the next 12 months, the building services sector will be focusing on net zero targets, while ensuring building occupants are safe from Covid and other risks. Alex Smith looks at the main trends for 2022 and previews the guidance that will ensure CIBSE Members have the competencies to meet the challenge

A novel approach: air cleaning devices

A new CIBSE guide aims to equip specifiers and facilities managers with the knowledge to safely and effectively select air cleaners. Cundall’s Ed Wealend summarises the contents

For the greater good: interview Sasha Krstanovic

CIBSE’s 2021 Engineer of the Year, Sasha Krstanovic FCIBSE, took the bold decision to form a new consultancy at the height of the pandemic. She tells Alex Smith how she is using her knowledge and experience to help clients and communities work with designers to decarbonise their building stock

Engineering the new normal: Technical Symposium highlights

Striving for net zero while making buildings Covid-secure has been challenging academics and engineers since the virus first appeared. Last month’s CIBSE Technical Symposium was an opportunity to share experiences in two days of live sessions discussing 64 papers. Alex Smith, Liza Young and Phil Lattimore report

Net zero and Covid resilience

Improving the building fabric will allow for higher ventilation rates to minimise Covid-19 risk even in cold weather, says Dr Shaun Fitzgerald

Why space volume matters in Covid-19 transmission

It’s not just ventilation that removes viable virus from indoor air. To understand the risk of transmission of Covid-19, the University of Nottingham’s Benjamin Jones and Chris Iddon say other mechanisms that are dependent on the volume of a space have to be considered