Systemair introduces new generation of AHU air filters

HVAC manufacturer teams up with Belgian firm to offer filters that inactivate viruses

Systemair, a global Swedish ventilation company, and Deltrian, a leading Belgian filter manufacturer, have joined forces to launch a new generation of virucidal filters for air handling units (AHUs).

The DELTRI+ filters are Eurovent-certified and contain advanced plasma technology capable of neutralising or destroying 99% of all viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, according to results of tests by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology and an independent laboratory.

The filters are already available in most of Europe and many other markets. With Systemair DELTRI+, building owners can quickly improve existing units before considering more extensive upgrades to their ventilation systems.

Compared with other methods used for virus prevention, the DELTRI+ filters offer a more straightforward solution that is easy to apply and manage.

Jurgen Alexius, owner and CCO of Deltrian, said: ‘We are proud to cooperate with one of the world’s leading ventilation companies in launching DELTRI+. Systemair’s technical expertise and long-term market knowledge have proven invaluable in the development of this solution.

‘We are delighted to say that DELTRI+ can capture and inactivate viruses. Its effectiveness is proven in dry and wet environments, and open and closed circuits alike. In addition, the filters reduce the risk of transmission and proliferation of viruses and bacteria in the air. While it does not replace other preventative measures, we consider it a hands-on contribution to support a return to a more normal life.’

Neil Rapley, Systemair UK managing director, added: ‘The filter is classified ISO16890 ePM1 90% F9 and holds a Euroventcertified Performance A+ energy class rating, ensuring a low pressure drop and market-leading dust-holding capacity with the best possible energy efficiency.’

Systemair is the first HVAC manufacturer to offer air filters with DELTRI+ as replacement filters in standard and special sizes for existing AHUs. In addition, all newly built Systemair Geniox and Topvex AHUs can be shipped with DELTRI+ as an optional extra. Customers can order the product directly through Systemair local offices.

Systemair is a leading ventilation company with operations in 54 countries in Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and Africa.

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